Getting it back with an iPhone locator or iPad locator

 iPhone locator  iPad locator

Get my touchscreen computer back – iPhone locator and iPad locator

If you put your iPhone, iPad or your iPod Touch down someplace or other and you don’t know where, there is now an app that you can use to find it again. In fact you can even find your Mac using this find my iPhone software. This excellent, innovative software which you can install for free on another iOS device can even be used to protect the data on the device, in the case that the iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad has been stolen and you don’t expect to get it back. At the very least your data, your sensitive information will be protected from the thieving gits.

This Find my Phone is a brilliant tool as an iPhone locator and you can also use it as an iPad locator. Imagine if you will that you are using your iPad on an aeroplane flight and you put it into the pocket on the seat in front of you. With all of the hustle and bustle of getting off the aeroplane, the grabbing of your coat and your luggage from the overhead lockers, you completely forget to pick up your iPad out of the pocket. There is a chance that you could get your iPad back, if an honest person has picked up your iDevice. If the person is not so honest, then you still have a better chance of getting back your beloved iPad back, if you have your iPhone with you and you start up the Find by iPhone app and get it to locate your lost device.

iPhone locator

iPhone locator and iPad locator Tricks

Not only will this iPad locator find your iPad for you, you can also get it to display a message to say where the iPad can be taken to be returned to you. This application can also be used to play a sound loudly, as in full volume. This is particularly handy if you have located the general area of where your iPad is, but can see it yet. Perhaps the iPad is in somebody’s bag or pocket, all you have to do is to get the iPad to call out to you and tell you where it is.

When you are travelling around with your iPad it only makes sense to set a pass code lock in case it does fall into the wrong hands. In the case that you have forgotten to do this, then you will find that it is possible to remotely lock your device, that could be an iPhone or an iPad or even an iPod Touch. You can do this to your iPad as a security measure and then only at the last moment, if you are more sure that you are not likely to get the iPad back take the next stage, which is to remotely wipe the data off the iPad. In these days of stolen identities, being able to look after your identifying details and your credit card information, if that is also stored within your personal data on the iPhone, is super important.

What about a phone locator for Android?

There are Android apps that will do some of these things to find your phone. Not sure how they compare to this Find my iPhone App from Apple. Part of the functionality of the Find my iPhone app is supplied with iCloud and you do have to be using iOS5 to make it work. It will do a better job of finding an iPhone because it has a GPS radio in it where the iPad doesn’t. It relies on an assisted GPS from the triangulation of the 3G signals.