Need to save money ? – How much does an iPod Touch Cost ?

How much does an iPod Touch cost

If cash is short and you can’t afford to buy yourself an iPhone, then you might consider getting yourself iPod Touch instead. Although there is quite a difference in the technology in the iPhone and the iPod touch, depending upon your needs you could find that iPod Touch could be just what you need. In this case you will want to know how much are iPod Touches, so that you will have an idea about how much money you will save by going for the cheaper iDevice. Questions that you are going to want to ask are going to be along the line of :-

  • Do you need the five or eight megapixel camera.
  • Do you really need GPS.
  • Is it necessary for it to be able to work as a phone.
  • The dual core A5 chip, is the faster speed necessary.

Those are the sort of questions that you will ask about the technology side of the question, iPhone versus iPod Touch. Maybe all you also want to consider the cost of the iPhone in terms of your phone plan and whether you can get some sort of subsidy from the phone company to aid your purchase of an iPhone. If you are going to be spending a certain amount of money per month on a phone calls. Would that amount cover the necessary monthly charge you would need to pay to get a subsidised iPhone. Unfortunately there is no way that you will be able to get an iPod Touch for cheap money, in the same way as you can with the iPhone.

Cost of the iPhone SIM Free

First of all let’s take note of the price of the iPhone as a base level and we will question if the iPhone 3GS is worth looking at, because at this stage it could be far too old to consider. On the other hand, it still is a good phone and possibly has a better specification than the iPod Touch, so we have the iPhone 3G S at a price of €359. Then there is quite a large jump up to the iPhone 4 and for one of those I would have to pay €499. Both of those models are running with 8 GB of storage. Moving on again to the next step up the iPhone price ladder we are looking at the iPhone 4 S and this latest iPhone is going to cost from €600. All of these prices are for iPhones without a contract. I would think that for many people having a phone without a contract is a better idea in terms of overall price. It really depends upon how you use the phone. Do you make many phone calls. It is a shame that there don’t seem to be any phone plans for the contract phones, where they take into consideration users that don’t make that many phone calls but want the iPhone purely for the Apple geekiness and the use of data.

How much does an iPod Touch cost

Really – How much does a iPod Touch cost?

So in contrast how much does an iPod Touch cost? To get yourself the latest iPod Touch the prices start at €189 and this is for the model that has only 8 GB of storage space. There is no 16 GB version so the next price up is €289. As you can see with those prices we are getting a device that will run iOS five and if you get the 8 GB version you are saving quite a lot of money. If your main consideration is running the latest iOS 5 version of the operating system and the latest applications, then the iPod Touch could be just what you are looking for. Certainly the iPod Touch is not the same as having an iPhone, so it really does depend on exactly how you plan to use the iDevice.

My own needs – iPhone vs the iPod Touch

I could be quite happy at getting an iPod Touch for cheap money deals, because for most of the time I am using it as an iPod for listing to podcasts and occasionally music. I really don’t make any phone calls, but I do still have to carry a phone around with me, just so that I am contactable and can make the odd phone call from time to time. Certainly it would be a bit of a pain having to carry more than one device around. Also I would have to think about how I would have 3G connectivity with the iPod Touch. There is the MiFi which is an excellent tool to use in order to provide up to 5 Wi-Fi connections from one 3G mobile phone account. I still wouldn’t be able to make phone calls although I could possibly get around this by making Skype calls. Maybe even paying for phone calls to mobile phones and to landline phones by using the plan within Skype that you pay for.

Savings made.

Buy the iPod Touch instead of an iPhone to save €170. That is the cheapest iPod vs the cheapest iPhone. Save €210 by getting a iPod Touch with 16GB instead of an iPhone 4.So it is not really an easy choice and sometimes the only thing to do is to just save the extra cash and get what you really want. Right now I am thinking along the lines of the iPhone 4. I am not so bothered by Siri and the iPhone 4 would be a big jump from the phone I have now anyway. At least we know how much are iPod touches.