Save money with a refurbished iTouch and free iTouch apps

Cheap iPod TouchWhen times are tough, get a refurbished iTouch / iPod Touch

It is obvious in these more difficult financial times, that many of us would like to save money, but at the same time we would like to still enjoy our tech devices. One way to save money is to use the Apple refurb store to buy the latest tech at a discount. I have used the refurbished store to buy a MacBook and it was an excellent purchase of an excellent piece of software. I got a discount of about 18% on the MacBook and you can generally expect to have a discount of between 15 and 25 percent, depending upon the product. You will usually find that if it is an older model then you will get a bigger discount. For the new, latest generation Apple technology iDevices, the discount will be around the 15 percent. I highly recommend looking at a refurbished iTouch or iPod Touch, to give it its proper name. If you were looking for a way to save money with buying a cheaper iTouch device rather than buying the latest and greatest iPhone 4S, then here is a way for you to save even more cash.

Refurbished iTouch devices are better than new

The refurbished models of the iTouch or iPad, or even if you decide to buy yourself a Mac such as the MacBook Air, are actually better than the models that you would buy from the normal Apple Store. This is because they are as good as new ones, but will have benefited from an extra amount of care and attention to make sure that they are in tiptop condition. They are certainly not second-hand, it could be that packaging was lost and had to be replaced. It is also possible that the item was returned for something minor and may have only been opened, looked at and sent back. From my own personal experience of buying from the Apple refurbished store, I would thoroughly recommend it.

refurbished iTouch

Some Apps are worth getting even if they have to be paid for

There are some applications that we use and are good enough to pay for and are well worth spending the money on, such as Evernote for iPad for example. There are also free iTouch apps and a whole load of best free iPhone apps that you can fill your refurbished iTouch with. So saving money by getting a refurbished iTouch / iPod Touch and only using the free iTouch apps doesn’t have to curtail your enjoyment of the device. You can still do some quality mobile computing while still having some money left in your wallet. To be honest, if you know what applications you want, to do the task that you want to do, then you can probably get away with only spending a small amount of money to get yourself kitted out with everything that you need. Most users tend to do just certain things most of the time. A writer will spend most of his or her time using writing applications. Then a writer will probably use just four or five other applications on a regular basis. So it would not really be necessary for you to keep spending and buying new applications that maybe you won’t actually use in the end.

Get the apps when you need them

Often the way it works with our finances is that money comes in bit by bit. Some people get paid weekly and some people get paid monthly, then there are those people that work freelance or self-employed who get paid whenever the job is done. So if you are an iTouch or iPod Touch owner and you have started off with a refurbished iTouch device. To keep costs down you filled it with some free iTouch apps in order to find out exactly what it is that you want to do with your iTouch handheld computer. Then the next thing to do is to choose carefully a few paid for applications. If you have heard on the grapevine that there is a particularly good application to do exactly what you need to do, but it costs a bit more than some other applications, then you might decide to splash out the cash to buy it. It can be more sensible to do this, than to go from the free iTouch apps to the mid range applications, that might not do all that you want them to do. If that midrange iPad application doesn’t do all that you expected of it, then you could end up having to pay for the better, more expensive app in the end anyway.