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First of all, what is Spotify? Basically Spotify is a music collection and it is a service that you can use either on your computer, whether that be Windows or Mac and also it is available on a number of mobile platforms. Certainly it is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as on Android devices. I actually became a member of Spotify when it was still only available in some parts of Europe and never actually used it as much as I thought it would. This was mainly because quite often I would be tending to do things that required me to listen to other things on my computer and with Spotify it is all about music to listen to. Obviously that’s not going to work if you are listening to something else rather than just working on a document or fiddling with a spreadsheet in Numbers on the iPad for example.

What you can do with Spotify is to manage all of your music that is on your computer. You can synchronise your files and the music on your computer with Spotify and then when you are using your touchscreen device, such as your iPod Touch, iPhone or your iPad, you can choose to listen to either the library of music within Spotify or access your own tracks. What Spotify is basically, is a streaming service for music whether it be your own music or the Spotify library of music. Unfortunately at the moment there is not a Spotify iPad application. You can of course use an iPhone or an iPod Touch Spotify application and it will work okay, despite looking a bit rubbish with using the 2X view on the iPad.

Getting Spotify iPad or other iDevice

In the days of old with Spotify, to to be able to have use of it, you needed to get an invite, but these days every man and his dog can use Spotify. Even the people that live in the US. You can be a free member of Spotify or you can become a Spotify premium subscriber. When you pay the extra you can help yourself to any of the tracks, and there are 13 million tracks to choose from and mix them with your own music. If you are really into music, and many people are, then €6.99 per month is not a huge amount of money to pay to get access to all of this music that Spotify has available. With the premium service you are able to listen to Spotify without any advertising interrupting your listening, both on your computer and also on your mobile phone.

Spotify Android  Music on iPhone  Mobile MusicSo no Spotify iPad app then?

It may seem strange that after the iPad has been available for a couple of years now, that there is no Spotify iPad app available, as yet. The iPad is a major player in the mobile computing market and a very popular device at that, so I think we can expect to see an app for Spotify on the iPad at sometime in the future.