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Momento Journal on the iPhone

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Another journalling application you might consider is the application called Momento. This application has also had a recent upgrade to version 3 and is cheaper to buy at only $.99. This is another smart Private diary/journal to help you capture and collect your memories. This is what it is all about after all, exploring your memories as a later stage to relive and perhaps even to share your life story. With this application you let it automatically collect your daily activities. It is designed to collect photos and videos from social networks, applications and devices you use daily. If you are looking for an easy way to keep a journal then letting it happen automatically could be just the thing for you. One good thing about using Momento is it also gives you video support. While it’s great to be able to collect photos along with your text, it’s another step upwards to use video. The same as with Day One 2 you have tagging as well as visual summaries. The visual summaries give you a quick overview of what went on daily, monthly or on an annual basis. The tags are keywords and it’s a great way to group together events that would otherwise be more difficult to link together. Momento journaling app is password and touch ID protected and you can keep your memories safe in iCloud or you may backup locally. This is for the iPhone but you might also look for the best journal apps for iPad.

Best journal apps for iPad
Best journal apps for iPad

Momento – A Handy Little Journalling Application

Momento Journaling app
Momento Journaling app

Momento is a contender for the list of best journal apps for iPad. What makes the application useful is that it will pull in posts, photos and videos from Facebook and Twitter. It will also let you feed in photos and videos from Instagram. If you use the application Moves you can have summaries of your places and activities brought into Momento. This would make it a little bit better and easier than Day One 2, where you would have to set up If This Then That IFTTT automation to do similar. The problem I have with this app is that it brings into too much information. If I add a like to something on Facebook it gets brought into the journal. Sometimes I don’t want every little mention in Facebook to find its way into my personal journal. I suppose you could argue that it is good to have more information to work from. The trouble I find is it gets overwhelming to have so much extra stuff that hides what you really want to see. It’s because of this it’s good idea to just be careful how many social network accounts you feed into the journal.

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