Do I Need an Apple iPhone 4 case now?

The amazing iPhone and I am late to the party

The iPhone 4S has been available for some time now and the iPhone 5 rumours have already started. And yet I’ve only just upgraded from an iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. Strictly speaking, I haven’t even done that. The iPhone 4 that I have just bought from Apple is not actually for me, but for my wife. She has been in need of a dose of iPhone goodness for some time now. When she bought her last phone, a crappy feature phone, I did suggest at the time that she should get an iPhone. I wasn’t listened to, nothing new there then.

Apple iPhone 4 case 1

So my plan has been to get a new iPad, so that I can do the Wizardgold YouTube videos showing how to use applications for iOS. On top of that, my iPhone 3G was getting rather long in the tooth and I could do with a new iPhone for myself. Then again, for most of the year I don’t really need an iPhone, as I don’t make many phone calls at all. I could be better off with an iPod Touch and a cheap old phone that just makes phone calls. So what happened, that made me change my plans, was that I was offered a reasonable amount of money for my iPhone 3G. So after much gnashing of teeth and cogitating, I decided that I would sell it and put the money towards a newer model of iPhone.

Which model of iPhone to buy and what about an Apple iPhone 4 case?

I did consider the iPhone 3GS, as my mother and sister have both recently got one of these. As they live in England, they were able to get one of these 3GS iPhones, without having to pay any money and just £20 a month for the contract. A very good deal, indeed. Here in Spain though, I would have to buy one of those outright and it would cost €350. The only thing against buying a 3GS would be that it is old technology now and has less value in terms of longevity, than getting one with the number four in its name. The present version of the iPhone 4S that was out of my price range, would cost to much to buy at €600. At only €100 more than the iPhone 4, the extra amount would be worth it in terms of the better processor, better camera and for Siri, but as I say not in my price range.

So the model to get was the iPhone 4, even though there is only one size available at 8 GB. When setting the new iPhone up, I found I had to do a certain amount of pruning after being used to a phone with 16 GB of space. Not a huge problem really, as I was able to take off most of the music, to leave plenty of space for the applications and enough for some iPhone photography. So after selling the old iPhone, I gathered up some available cash to place an order with Apple for the iPhone 4. The order was placed early Monday afternoon and I was amazed that the delivery date was going to be the following day.

A new iPhone 4 winding its way from Italy to Catalonia

The iPhone had to come from Italy and it was fun to watch it on the UPS tracking website, move from the original warehouse to the UPS hub, onto Cologne in Germany, before heading to Barcelona. Quite amusing really that it took the long route to get here and was still able to do it in just over 24 hours. We were quite exciting to get the delivery and proceed to the un-boxing stage. It was only after getting the phone out that I remembered that I would need a smaller SIM card in order to activate the iPhone. It was going to be impossible to wait long enough to get a mini SIM card from the mobile phone company. So I decided to do a Google search for instructions to cut one down manually. In the end it turned out to be very easy to do and I soon had the SIM card in the slot and the activation in progress.

The plans for the use of the new iPhone

On account of the fact that I don’t make many phone calls and that my wife uses her phone quite a lot, I decided that it would be better for her to have the iPhone 4. For the moment though, I am working at a campsite and presently I am able to make better use of the phone than she is. So the plan is for me to use this new phone until August 20th when the job finishes and to pass the phone on. My priority is for the new iPad third-generation, so that I can dive into making the you Tube videos showing how to use iPad applications. I plan to use the application Reflections on my Mac and stream the video from the iPad to the iMac and record it using ScreenFlow. I was a little surprised to find that it isn’t possible to do the same thing using Airplay or Reflections with this new iPhone 4. Another reason why the iPhone 4S would have better value for me.

iPhone 5 release date – Apple Rumours Bloody Rumours

There is a possibility that Apple will release the iPhone 5 in the autumn of this year. That could be sometime around October or November, so what I might do is to start a fund for a new iPhone for myself. I wonder if the Apple iPhone 4 case will fit the iPhone 5? I will be able to possibly take advantage of lower prices on an iPhone 4S after the iPhone 5 has been released. Youtube videos about iPhone apps and Siri for some fun too. There were some comments made about the iPhone 4S Battery and iOS 5

Apple iphone 4s

Taking note of the differences between the old iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4

Setting up the new iPhone 4 was pretty easy after I cut down the Sim card and was able to activate the phone. I restored the phone from a backup, during the setup process. That made it easy to have all of my data on the new phone. No worries about doing a factory reset in August and setting up the iPhone one more time. I get the feeling that the iPhone 4 is better built and of higher quality than my old iPhone. The screen looks great with it being a Retina Display, so I will be looking forward to seeing the Retina Display on the third-generation iPad when I get it.

Shiny and new on the outside with the iPhone 4 – Better operating system on the inside

With the iPhone 3G, I have been stuck with the iOS 4.2.1 for quite some time now. Even though I have iOS version 5 on the amazing iPad, it is still rather nice to see up-to-date software on an iPhone. I am enjoying the much better quality cameras and the ability to use PhotoStream. I have also been looking forward to being able to use the new features in iPhoto for iOS, in particular the Journal feature. Really, I think it is about time that the Journal tool was included in iPhoto for the Mac. Definitely I should spend some time finding out, what else I can do with the taking of photos and movie clips with the iPhone 4. I will also be able to install iOS 6 on this phone.

It is certainly very nice to have a much faster processor and to benefit from a little bit of speed. I like that there is the Compass application on the iPhone. Didn’t have that on the previous phone. Another application that could be useful to get, now that I have a iOS device that will do magical video, could be iMovie for iOS. Another thing that this iPhone will be useful for, is the scanning of QR codes. Sometimes you find these codes in tourist information places. All you have to do is to take a quick picture to gather up extra information, about whatever it is you are looking at. My wife is going to particularly love that feature and make great use of it. All in all, an excellent purchase and I would expect this iPhone to last 2 to 3 years and still be highly useful, even then. There are plenty of Apple iPhone 4 cases to choose from and they also fit the Apple iPhone 4s

Dragon Dictate mac speech recognition software

Today after checking some iPhone 4S news I thought I would try out the Dragon Dictation iOS application for iOS. It works well but doesn’t really give iPhone 4 voice control, aside from letting me post my words to Twitter and Facebook. Do you know of any apps that supply voice control iPhone 4? Maybe I should hold out for the iPhone 4S for myself. I will have to save up the cash, that’s all.