Dog dumping bastards

People can be so cruel to animals

While we were out walking with our dog yesterday we met a dog which we had noticed the day before running around the urbanisation. I thought it was a dog belonging to one of the houses that we go past and it was strange because the owner of the house was away. I managed to coax the dog to come back home with us and on the way back we asked that the neighbour of the house where we thought the dog belonged if it was that dog. It seems that we were wrong, but this boxer dog was just very similar to Tom.

Back at the house we gave the dog a good feed and some water and called the local police. The poor dog was completely starving and the food didn’t last long at all. The police sent somebody from the local council to come and collected the dog within about half an hour. The dog wasn’t wearing a collar and nobody had informed the police that they had lost a dog, so he was most probably abandoned.

Tough times financially means bad times for pets

I would like you guess that the owners of the dog had possibly come upon hard times and no longer wanted this really sweet dog. They had either just let him roam and not cared or had possibly deliberately dumped him out on the street. He was a really nice friendly dog and while he was with us was grateful of our kindness. He seemed to have decided that he had new owners and had that look in his eye which said “Okay then so which corner of the room is my basket and just let me know if you have any cats you want me to chase.” He was quite ready to get his feet under the table, but unfortunately seeing as we already have one dog there was no room for him here. Hopefully he will be found a home at the dog pound.