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When you have an iPad is also a good idea to carry a Bluetooth keyboard with you if you know that you are going to do a lots of typing. Naturally when you carry your iPad with and you have a ipad bluetooth keyboard case for it and so you’re likely to need a keyboard case also. Or a case that will hold both items.

There are some iPad cases that come with a keyboard when you buy them and provide protection for the iPad as well as giving you a keyboard that you can use for some faster typing then using the on-screen keyboard. It completes the set for some users a case for ipad and keyboard.

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D-Lux Black Leather IPad Folio Case With Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (Laptop Style Keys)

So there you have one possibility which is to buy a case that comes with a keyboard, but if you have an Apple Bluetooth keyboard already, you might like to look to see if you can find an iPad case or an iPad keyboard carrying case specifically for that keyboard. Clamcase iPad keyboard case When you buy a case for a keyboard, you want it so that the tech is protected and also that the keyboard doesn’t scratch the iPad in transit and it is a good idea if it is a case that doesn’t allow the keyboard to turn itself on while travelling. If the keyboard turns on when you’re travelling it is likely that it will drain the battery of the iPad. So let’s have a look at a couple of iPad keyboard cases.


ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case

ClamCase all-in-one Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad (first generation)

Another possibility is a ZaggMate iPad keyboard case product called the ClamCase, which kind of turns your iPad into a small laptop or a netbook. The ClamCase is in two parts and the bottom part of it has all of the electronic bits of the keyboard. In the top part you can clip your iPad. There is a hinge which connects the two parts of the case into something that looks like a netbook.

A good thing about using a keyboard that is specially made for the iPod rather than the Apple Bluetooth keyboard is that it will come with a row of convenience keys above the numbers. This will add some useful features. There will be a home key, lock and search keys as well as volume controls, play, pause and fast forward.

I’m not sure how well and keyboard and iPad configurations like this would work because you are going to be constantly lifting your fingers from the keyboard to touch the screen to do things. There are some keys on the keyboard that will do things so you don’t have to touch the screen, Zaggmate keyboard case


ZAGGmate Keyboard case for iPad

There is also the Zaggmate iPad case which doesn’t go quite as far as transforming the iPad into a notebook computer, but does come with a keyboard. Also have a look at the leather cases that have a built in Bluetooth keyboard. They also have special keys that will activate iPad 2 features.


When you buy an iPad 2 keyboard case like this you should make sure that you have access to all of the iPad controls and ports. The leather case with keyboard also has some extra keys and the leather folder has a magnetic closure so that the iPad is more protected when it is folded together. The Zaggmate iPad keyboard case looks pretty good too.

Writer, an iPad Keyboard Case

Writer iPad keyboard case

Writer is an iPad keyboard case which they are aiming at professionals it’s quite small and slim and it has a similar sort of design at the hinge as you would find on an Apple keyboard. it is a good looking iPad case with keyboard

Do you really need an ipad case with keyboard?

Quite a lot of people when they see these keyboard cases wonder what is the point of it all. If you have a computer bag that is big enough you can just carry a Apple Bluetooth keyboard if you have a lot of typing to do.The iPad is supposed to be used by touching the on-screen keyboard and be minimalist in terms of you not really needing anything else.

What is your preference? Can you type fast enough on the onscreen keyboard? Will you buy an ipad keyboard case or an iPad case keyboard?


ClamCase all-in-one Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad (first generation)

D-Lux Black Leather IPad Folio Case With Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (Laptop Style Keys)

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