What is the best iPad case – Skin – Folder – Hard Case for iPad?

To start with you have to decide which route you are going down for the best iPad case or best iPad 2 case. There are basic choices to make to start with and that will then lead you to look at a whole mountain of possibilities in each grouping. The third party manufacturers are really jumping into the production of iPad cases.

  1. A skin type case
  2. A soft case like the Apple iPad case
  3. A hard case made of various materials
  4. A specialist type case that has a keyboard to turn it into a netbook computer – Almost.

Some of the best iPad 2 cases or skins will require a screen protector on the front of the screen and with some you could get away without if you are a careful user as I am. Some of the hard cases it is recommended by the makers of the case that you use a screen protector because of the way it connects up or folds together.

The Amazing iPad

iPad Skin type case

IPad Darth Vader Star Wars Vinyl Skin kit for all ipads 3G  16gb 32gb 64gb wifi apple iPads decal cover Skins case High Gloss Finish Everything Else

These cases are soft and are easy to pull over the edges of the iPad for them to be able to stay in place. There are loads of designs you can find and are relatively inexpensive. There are made from either a vinyl or silicone material and because of the low price you could even have a few different ones to use. So for example when you are going to a high powered meeting you can leave the iPad Darth Vader Star Wars Vinyl Skin behind and put one on that is better suited to the occasion. Good job that are quick and easy to change from one skin to another too. You could put on this one Apple iPad 2 silicone skin – black, with touchscreen stylus which despite only being $7.95 to buy also comes with the stylus and is one of the best cases for iPad.

Which ever case you get remember to get the right one for your version of the iPad. I think you will need there to be the holes necessary for the cameras, for a start and also because of the different shape too. A good thing to look out for when researching the best iPad cases, including when you are looking for a hard iPad case. Remember too that there are differences between the iPad 1 cases and the cases for iPad 2.

A Folder Type Case For The iPad

Personally with my iPad I use the Apple case with it. I have seen some nice leather cases though that look very tasty indeed. You can get them in various colours so that you have some personalisation for your iPad. That is certainly a good idea if you are in a work place or where ever that there are a number of iPad users and you have to do something to stand out from the crowd.

There usually some way of the folder case to become a stand also. Good for getting a nice angle to type on when it is on the desk or for when you want it to stand upright so that you have the best case for iPad for you could watch a movie perhaps.

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve Case for Apple iPad 2 (also fits Apple iPad 1), Black is a case is more of a carrying case for iPad than the folder types. I think with this one the way you would use it is in bare format, possibly with a screen protector on the screen. When you get to where you plan to use the iPad you take out the iPad and put the case to one side. This one does have some good protective features that are good for when the iPad in in the case and being moved from place to place.
Are You A Hard Case Sort Of Person?
One of the things with a hards case for the iPad is that it is probably going to be heavier that the other sorts of cases. The trade off for that though is that you get the best protection. It is usually easier for the manufacturers to make some sort of stand mechanism that will work well with the case.

EMPIRE Premium Rainbow Zebra Design Back Snap On Cover Hard Case for Apple iPad

Hard Case For iPad – Lots of choice

The hard cases for the iPad range from the cases that just snap on to the iPad and really are just one extra layer, to the cases that have a front section that snap to a rear section and also have a silicone layer in between to provide shock absorption. Which ever the type of the design you prefer you will get plain ones and also patterned cases that will reflect your personality. How about the EMPIRE Premium Rainbow Zebra Design Back Snap-On Cover Hard Case for Apple iPad That hard case for iPad is going to look very snazzy on your iPad.

Then we have the best cases for iPad  that have the keyboard with them. It could be a soft case or it could be a hard case like the ZAGGMate. Then you could have the attempt to almost convert the iPad into a sort of netbook, like the case from Writer.

A lot of the decision will come down to which sort of case that suits the way that you use your iPad. Buying the best iPad case is very much a personal preference that is not just about the look of it. Which iPad carrying case did you choose?The Amazing iPad