Recording audio on iPad with the iRig Microphone

050 iRigMic stand bigNon iPad users for some weird reason ask “Does the iPad have a microphone”, well it does and the iPad microphone location is in the top left corner when you are looking at the front of it. The microphone on the iPad is quite good as an audio voice recorder, but it would be better if we could have an external microphone for iPad so we could do some better recording. One such microphone is the IK multimedia iRig handheld microphone. The iRig microphone is good as an iPad external microphone for all sorts of vocal applications whether you are singing songs or if you are recording something for a podcast.

It connects through the 3.5mm dual mini connector and because of this you can do real-time monitoring on some headphones or speakers. A microphone for iPad of this sort could be very useful if you have been trying to connect your Zoom H2 recorder and found that the iPad doesn’t allow it to be connected.

Recording Quality Audio with the iPad

With a handheld microphone you’re able to get the microphone closer to your mouth, or where the sound is coming from so that you get a better signal-to-noise ratio and a therefore a better recording. There is a three level gain switch which makes it adjustable to strength of sound. So whether somebody is speaking softly or if there is band playing loud rock music, you will get a good recording level in the audio voice recorder.

The build of a microphone good, it is in a tough metal housing and it has a quality electret unidirectional condenser type of microphone. The shape of is is the standard so that it will fit in normal mic stands.

iRig Microphone and iPad Audio Recording Apps

There is some software that comes with the microphone called Vocalive and it has some real-time effects for you use whether you are a singer and vocalist or if you are a podcaster. In the software on the iPad there are a number of different effects such as choir, pitch fix, Phazer and more and there is one which has a image like a tape recorder for simple recordings, how quaint. These effects can be used when you are recording a guitar or when you are recording with a voice using audio voice recorders like the iRig and an iPad.

On the website for iRig microphone they claim that the microphone on iPad will be ideal for singers and vocalists if they are doing live performances or recording sessions. It is unlikely that an inexpensive microphone like this will be used in a studio, but this mic will be very good for quick one-off recordings while out with the iPad. The iRig microphone can also be used with other iPad applications and record audio on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You might use it for music creation or personal entertainment and also it is good for video, multimedia and gaming applications. When you are recording video on the iPad 2 this microphone will give you hugely better sound quality as it is better than the iPad 2 microphone.

Does iPad have a microphone that is worth using? Yes but an external iPad microphone is always going to be better. When you are looking for audio recorders or accessories microphone based, the iRig iPad solution will answer the does iPad have microphone question and your microphone iPad problem will be sorted.