Geeky Writers Workflow – Banish Writers Block

When you have a pre-defined workflow that takes care of everything from the creative part of the job to the finishing up with editing there is no need to suffer writers block. There are tools you can use to get the ideas rolling and for you to never be short of things to write about. This book gives you the low down on what you can do to unlock the ideas in your head and to cajole them into being a set of words that will fill your book or whatever piece you want to end up with.

Writing doesn’t have to be hard. The creative process can be like a well oiled machine that only needs to be started with a big virtual button. I always have things to write about and a list of things waiting in the wings to get  on with next. In the book I show how a geek would do it. Geekiness is just being passionate about your subject and making the most of the technology to get the best out of yourself. No more writers block, it will be a distant memory that you can laugh about.

Writers Workflow V1

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