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Weird Yosemite Upgrade – Podcasting and Using FTP Apps

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Good and geeky

The upgrade to Yosemite 10.10.1 was a weird one

When I got to my computer first thing this morning the screen was dark and yet the computer was actually running. It wouldn’t start up, so I had to switch it off with a hard restart. When it started up again it invited me to upgrade the operating system and also many of the applications on the iMac. I thought it might be that overnight a lot of applications and suddenly put out updates. Even so, there was something bugging me and it didn’t look quite right. I have been using Safari as my default browser lately and for some reason or other Google Chrome was up front. My preferred Twitter client is Tweetbot and yet the one I had been using before that was on the screen. (What has happened to App.Net?) My 1Password was showing incorrect passwords for one or two applications I was having to sign in with. This was because it had synchronised with iCloud rather than using Dropbox which is what I have been using lately on all of my devices. In the end I went to the Apple menu in the top left corner of the iMac and had a look at My Computer and it told me that I was running 10.9.4. Now that is going back quite a bit.! It seems that I had rebooted back into the wrong disk. It should have booted into the SSD that I have connected by Thunderbolt. I am surprised that there even was a different bootable disk that it was able to connect to.

Getting the problem sorted out

So I went into the system preferences and selected the start-up disk that I wanted to use and did a restart. This time it booted up into the correct disk and it finished off the upgrade to 10.10.1 which is the latest version of Yosemite. After that, everything went perfectly with the upgrade and everything was as it should be. It was a little bit annoyed because it wasted at least half an hour of my time with me trying to find passwords for applications that really didn’t need to be updated. So I am pleased to be back in business again.

[Tweet “Have you upgraded to the latest Yosemite OS X?”]

Podcasting once again


Later today I will be interviewing somebody else for the Mac20Q podcast and I will be looking forward to publishing that podcast as soon as possible. Yesterday I started to make a tutorial about how to create an intro piece of audio to use in the iPad podcasting app called BossJock. I am recording it using the latest version of my preferred screencasting software ScreenFlow. I just have to have the iPad plugged in to the iMac and I am able to choose it as an input for the recording. The problem that I have is that I need to listen to the audio from the iPad as I am using audio applications and the sound is going to the iMac rather than to the iPad speakers. If I plug in the headphones so that I can listen to the sound from the iPad then the iMac doesn’t record the sound into ScreenFlow. I need to find some workarounds.

Using an FTP application

Yummy FTP

My preferred FTP application for the Mac used to be Cyberduck, but for some reason or other, it doesn’t seem to work now. It is looking for an older version of Java to be present for it to be used. I have another application on the Mac called Yummy FTP and for the most part it seems to work okay. Recently though, I have been using Transmit FTP on my iPad and I have been very pleased with how that works. I’m tempted to buy the Mac version so that I’m using the same software on both iOS and also on the Mac. I’m not sure if I want to spend the €30 to buy it though.

What do you think? Is it worth spending the money to buy a different Mac FTP application? Should I stay with Yummy FTP or should I get Transmit?

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