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David Allen Wizardgold

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Mac 20Q podcast number whatever with Michael King from Texas

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Good and geeky

I have been really quite keen lately to get back into podcasting. I have been doing a mini podcast in the form of an audioBoom and those of only been around about five or 10 minutes long usually. You can find me over on AudioBoom as Spondicious. I sent out an email to some of the people that I interviewed on the previous round of Mac 20 Questions podcasts to ask if they would like to have another chat. It didn’t take long before one of two people came back to me and said that they would like to talk Apple and Mac with me again. The first person to get back was Michael King from Texas in the USA.

The house next door on fire

Michael King on Fire

The day after the fire

Burnt offerings

We love our Macs

It is true to say that once you get into using a Mac you are quite likely to really get into it and risk being called a fan boy. The thing is, is that it is good fun to use a computer that has been well designed and is easy to use and do things with. I am of that age when I can remember before computers were around. It was that time when even for making a telephone call we used to have to go to the telephone box at the end of the street. So for me and many others it is as though we are living in the future now. Yes I know we are really in a future time. I have a computer that I can talk to using Siri and to a certain extent the computer lady will respond to my demands. I like to dictate as much as possible using DragonDictate on my Mac and Siri is very handy for dictation on my iOS devices too.

The Mac and Photography

Photography has got so much easier now that we don’t have to mess about with chemicals in order to get our pictures. I love the immediacy that we get with the digital photography world. On account of the fact that’s things happen so much faster I find I can be more creative as I have many more choices than I can put into turning my photos into art. On the Mac I am using Aperture and Michael King who I’m talking to in this podcast is also still using Aperture. Michael may be switching over to using Lightroom from Adobe with the new Photos application, coming early 2015. We just don’t know yet what Apple will be giving us to work with our photos and whether it will fit into the slot of being an photography app that professionals and serious enthusiasts would be happy to use.

Macs in the office

Michael works in an office where it is predominantly Mac computers. There are one or two applications that have to be run within Windows though. He is able to run these within a virtual machine although he does have a Microsoft Surface Tablet for mobile computing that requires a Windows operating system. He says that he quite likes this Surface tablet and well, if it does the job for him then why not. I have to admit to using Android and sliding in between platforms for 18 months before coming back to an all Apple computing experience.

Microsoft Surface Tablets

Using an Apple computer is fun

What comes across in this Mac20Q interview with Michael King from Texas is that he enjoys using his Apple and iOS devices. We like to be creative with our photography and video making with applications like Aperture and Final Cut Pro X. You can hear it in Michael’s voice that he enjoys doing stuff with the Mac and IOS. Windows users tend to have a different sort of fun with their computers. They enjoy it when they have to take it apart and put it back together again in order fix it and get it working again.

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