Managing Photos in Photos App

This morning I spent time with the application Photos and I was really quite impressed with the way I could have it find faces for me. The more faces you confirm as a named person the better it gets finding them. Because of this you need to go back to it a couple of times and allow it to look for more photos within your photo albums. It is funny sometimes at the mistakes it makes and what it thinks might be the face you are looking for. Most times it is very accurate and you only have to do a few clicks on the button to say this is not that specific person.

Hours can disappear

It can be a time suck to spend this time looking for things within your photo albums. I have over 18,000 photos in the application and because of that I could spend hours and hours and still only scratch the surface.

Better search facilities

I have noticed that the search facilities within the Photos application has got much better. When you put in a search term it asks if it’s a keyword or a word with in the description or something else before it goes off and finds whatever it is you’re looking for.

Machine Learning in Photos

There was talk from Apple to say that there was going to be some machine learning within the Photos application. This is where the computer looks for things in your photos and identifies objects. Later when you do a search for something such as horses, or beaches or trees it knows what to show you. I haven’t been able to confirm this is how it works yet but I’ll keep looking.

Keeping all the images in one place

The idea is that I’m going to keep all of the images in one place. I’ll keep hold of the original photos in the photo library. When I work on these photos and create a new images based upon the originals I’ll bring the new images back into photos as well. This means I’ll be able to use keywording and have better search abilities all within one app.

Specialised Albums

I often have images that I work with and create art from to make completely new pictures. I’ll be able to take up these images and keep them in specific albums. I can make an album where I have finished HDR photos. I’ll have another album that will be just for things that come from iColorama.Then there are other applications are use such as Affinity, Intensify Pro and Topaz Impression.Of course, there will be times when I won’t know exactly where to put these images because I might have worked on them in multiple applications.Maybe what I’ll have to do is to have an album in which I put all of my artistic creations. I can then use keywords so that I know which applications of use to create those images.

Using iColorama on the Phone

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