Loving my iPhone

I’m finding that having a larger iPhone is really very useful. I can do lots more things with the device and quite often I would rather do it with the iPhone rather than picking up the iPad. There are still things with the iPad is better at such as anything where I can use the Apple Pencil.

Loving the Apple Pencil too

Yesterday I was trying to do something with the Apple Pencil in the Photos app and it wasn’t working I was quite surprised. The mark up thing I think it is from Apple and I would’ve expected that Apple Pencil would’ve been supported. You can do the writing with the Apple Pencil but if you want to make adjustments to something like the magnifying glass effect then it doesn’t recognise the dots on the screen. You have to move back to using your fingers for making adjustments to positioning and to the size and to the amount of magnification.

lots of love to spread around

Loving the Photos applications on the iMac and on iOS. One of the best things about it is that I can send photos to other applications. Third-party applications that do amazing and fantastic things with my photos. On my Mac I’m using Intensify Pro and I’ve just also starting using Aurora for HDR photos. I’m half tempted to buy the upcoming pro version. The anything is, it will cost me around about €70. I’m not sure I fancy spending the money.

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