At last – Twisted Wave a good iOS audio editor

I did try out another audio editor for iOS and it well wasn’t very good, because it had a weird sort of interface. I also have a number of audio recording applications on my iPad and iPhone, but none of them were any good for editing audio. I had seen that there was the application called Twisted Wave, but I had hesitated in buying it, as it was going to cost nine euros to buy. In the end I realised that it was good value for money if it gave me what I needed in order to be able to properly and efficiently edit audio on iPad. The main requirements I have for an audio editor for iPad or iPhone use is that it should have a visualisation of the audio waveform. I need to be able to see the audio in the app interface so that I can do what I need to do. It is so much easier when you can see where the spaces are in the audio track for when you need to select areas of audio. I have been using my iRig microphone with TwistedWave.

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Editing audio on iOS with Twisted Wave

The view that you have of the editing space in Twisted Wave is clean and functional. There is a row of icons at the bottom of the screen space that allow you to do all you need to do with your audio. The usual play, pause, stop and record and then you have things like fade in and fade out; cut, copy and paste; redo and undo and then you have your crop tool. The other icon which is to the far right allows you to put on the device clipboard any audio that you have selected, so that it can be used in other audio applications that you might have installed. On the Mac there is a version of Twisted Wave but I already have AmadeusPro bought and paid for.

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In the bottom left hand corner you have a button giving access to settings and it is just as colourful as all of the other icons for the controls. This is where you can choose the effects that are available, such as amplify and normalise. You will also find options to add silence to your track, filters, delay, a dynamics processor and an option to change pitch and speed. You can even take the selected part or the whole track and make it play in reverse.

Using Twisted Wave to share your iOS audio recordings

There is the usual share button available for you to send your iOS audio recordings out to the world. From here you can choose the format of the audio that you send out and you have eight different formats available to use, both lossless such as the AAC format and the Wave format as well as the compressed format of MP3. You can also choose the compression bit depth from that same menu.

From the export audio drop-down menu you can send to iTunes, FTP upload, send by email, send to dropbox, send a selection to a new document or to open in another application. You could send to an audio notetaking app. A particularly good option from this menu is to Send to Soundcloud and this is useful because from there you can have it sent out to things like Facebook, Tumblr and anything else you have set up within Soundcloud. It would be nice to have the option there also, to send to Audioboo. I have used this to send audio to iMovie for iPad.

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The NoStylus verdict on a Twisted Wave

I really like this iOS audio recording application as it is simple to use and does just about all that I ask of it. If you are a user of Soundcloud, it is extra useful for sharing out whatever you record as audio on iOS. It is only a single track audio editor and it would be nice if at some point in time it would be possible to have multiple tracks of audio. That would make it much more useful to podcasters that use audio effects and bumpers along with their voice recordings. I believe though that there is a specialised podcasting app that could do that for you. That is called Caster and I hear it is not that good. There are other Digital Audio Workstation apps for iOS you can look at. Twisted Wave gets a big thumbs up from NoStylus.


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