Good and Geeky

David Allen Wizardgold

David Allen Wizardgold

How to Be Good and Geeky One Step at a Time

Phraseology for iOS and Terminology for iOS

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Good and geeky

Finding out what I can do with the Phraseology application for iOS . It is not too difficult to get acquainted with what it does and how it does it. Early in the morning at the campsite job and I'm trying to get it to analyse the text for me.

Text analysys in phraseology

More text statistics

There is a button on the left side which gives you more info about the text. You get information like average word per sentence and number of sentences as well as what they call root word count. There is a Flesch Kincaid reading ease score, whatever that might be. Maybe a Gunning FOG index is what you need to be able to assess your writing or a SMOG index is what you want. Both of these are in the statistics page for you use.

This application works with the Drafts application and also with one called Terminology. I can get all of the words to be coloured by the type of word it is. If I want to see all of the nouns I have used, or how many are adjectives.

Using Markdown in Phraseology

It doesn't have the extra row of keys for writing easily in markdown, but it does have a Markdown preview mode. There really should be the basics of Markdown for creating headers and making text boldface. Maybe in a later version. There is space available for these, at least there is when you are working in landscape mode with your iPad. From the Markdown view you can send the text out by email and also get the HTML version of the text for pasting into a website somewhere.

Integration with other applications

I also bought a sister app to this Phraseology application called Terminology and it is a dictionary and thesaurus. You just have to select a word and you get options of what you can do with it. Aside from using Define word, you can jump right into Terminology from this iOS Phraseology application. When you have a word selected you can click on a small arrow to the right of the choices and get into Terminology to find a better word and replace the one selected. The integration is quite marvellous, you work out which word you want to use and have it sent right back to where you were working in Phraseology.

I tried out the integration with Drafts and it worked very well sending the text from Phraseology. It didn't work quite so well with the round trip back. I was able to use Drafts to send it back to Phraseology, but it came in as a new document. I can see this being addressed in a future version of the application Drafts.

If I want to swap around paragraphs or sentences I go to the othe view and move one paragraph around to where I want it. This could be a good application to use for outlining. This function actually works very well and I like it. In the extra row of keys you get there are buttons for moving around the text quickly which is quite handy and buttons which select text either one character or word at a time.

What a lovely view!

There are choices you can make about the text size and which font you want to use from a small selection of fonts. Sometimes it can be helpful to change the font when editing text as it makes it look like new text to the brain and helps an editor or writer find problems.

Going back in time

Each of your edits get saved as versions so that you can go back in time if you want to. You access this from a small icon that looks like a clock which is located in the top right hand corner. This is another one of those tools which is going to be very useful for an editor rather than for the writer.

Back to iOS after being an Android user.

Most of this article has been written in Phraseology, I did write one sentence in Drafts before I brought it back in. With being an Android user for some time now I did miss the keyboard facilities that I get with Android. Other than that, I did find it very nice to be working once again with iOS and my iPad.


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