4.2 coming 10.1 here already

I have been able to play with 4.2 for a while as I have the developer edition. Kind of forgotten now what it was like to have the previous version. The multi tasking thing is pretty good but I wonder if I need to close down a few apps that I have left open behind the scenes. It took me a while for me to work out the double click thing to get an app that was in the background back up again.

iTunes 10.1

iTunes 10.1 has been on my computer for a while also seeing as I had to put it on to be able to use 4.2 on the iDevices. I have nothing to say about this version because I have not really notice much difference. Quite good really that the software gets out of the way so that I can play my podcasts, music videos, without having to learn something new.

I still have not put the 4.2 on the iPhone but have been using it on the iPad. I rather like the being able to collect the apps into groups of apps. When you have loads of apps it makes it much easier to find what you are looking for. I have one group called Productivity and in it are the apps like PlainText, Edito, MindNode Pro, ideas sketch, SimpleNote and Bento.

Then I have a Social grouping with Flipboard, Twitter apps, Skype, Facebook and Pingle. I have a video collection with the TV Guide, IMDB, YouTube, VLC, ZumoCast, and Air Video. One or two applications I don’t put into a group because I want then right in front of me, like contacts, Calendar, Settings, ArtStudio. Good to have some stuff readily available.



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Keynote Quartet FX ’10

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Just like Windows 3.1

I have all my applications on 3 pages of apps and still have some spaces so that it doesn’t look a mess. Have your apps organised like this reminds me of back in the old days of Windows 3.1 when the desktop had Windows on it with the programs put in them. Thought we had left all that behind when we came over to the Mac.

How do you organise your apps into groups.

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