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A Merlin Mann – Quick Keyboard Tip for when working with text

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Good and geeky

Apple Keyboard

A Podcast I listened to featuring Merlin Mann

Listening to the podcast called Back to Work with Merlin Mann in it and Dan Benjamin. For nearly the whole podcast is was a love fest between the two, Dan saying how great Merlin is and the other direction too. The right at the end Merlin came up with a couple of keyboard tips that I think are great when you are working with text. perhaps I should have know about these but I didn’t.

Keyboard text tips.

  • Cmd – left arrow = move to the beginning of the current line. Cmd – Shift – Left Arrow = Select the text to the beginning of the line.
  • Obviously same again but with right arrow going to the right.
  • Option – left arrow = moves the insertion point/cursor one word to the left Option – Shift – Left Arrow = selects to the left one word at a time from the current position of the cursor
  • Same again with the right arrow going right.
  • Cmd – Up Arrow = Cursor to the beginning of the document Cmd – down Arrow = Cursor to the end of the current text document.

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