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This morning I learned you can have a subject line in the Messages application. This is similar to the way you have a subject line in an email. I tried it and it stands out from the actual message underneath. I didn’t know it was possible, but I learned it from a tweet. We should all try and learn something new each day.

Clips Video Creator

While listening to a podcast this morning I learned it’s possible to add a voice-over in the Clips app. If you’re bringing in video already recorded with audio you can talk over the audio you already have there. It seems the audio doesn’t play while you are recording the video into the clips app. So you could be talking over some speech you already have in there. Maybe it would be better just to use this with video without any sound already.

Clips isn’t a real and proper video editor. It’s only there for doing the throwaway type of video you push onto Instagram or onto Facebook. I do have this application on my iPhone and I have tried using it once. I wasn’t terribly impressed and I think there are better ways of making video. You’d only really want to use this if you want to make use of the special features, such as stickers or the fancy filters. You can also have your audio captioned. It converts your speech to text and you may need to edit it to get the words just right.

You can make your video look quite different and even make it look like a bit of a cartoon. Probably the worst part of the app is that it only films in square mode. You can only use it with your device in portrait mode and it’s probably best used on an iPhone rather than an iPad. All in all Clips is kind of a weird application, but a little bit fun to use.

Sample Video From Clips

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