Always updating Apps and operating systems – iOS 9.1 Watch OS 2.0.1 and more

It is a good idea to keep everything updated, especially the operating systems. This is because of the ever present security threat. I had a year and a half with Android and I could wait to get back to Apple in the end because of the timely updates to the operating system. Whenever there is a problem you can get an update from Apple to have the latest updates as quick as it is humanly possible. With Android you’re at the mercy of the mobile carriers and they just don’t care. The phone I had was never updated in the 18 months I had it, unless I did hacks myself. Didn’t like doing that and you could never be sure you were safe. It is no wonder that security experts will always recommend the iPhone even if they don’t like Apple. Some people are weird, why would anyone be an Apple hater??

Updating to iOS 9.1

Just got the message to tell me there is an update ready for the iPad and iPhone and I am downloading as I write this. Doesn’t look too exciting – Seems to be mainly emojis and something for Live Photos. I don’t care much for either but there are other stability and performance improvements coming in too. There are bound to be security updates hiding in there too.

iOS 9.1 Update

Updating on The Mac

Today I updated some Macphun apps to get extensions available in Photos App. I just looked into the App Store and I see that iTunes needs updating too. There were a few other apps needing to download some newness also. On the iPad and iPhone you have to tap on buttons to agree to some terms and then it does its stuff. Sometimes with Mac OSX you have to do a reboot to get things finished off.

Apple Watch Updating to 2.0.1

Just noticed the Apple Watch needs to be updated to 2.0.1 also. This one fixes issues that could cause a stalling of software updates. Fixes for battery performance. A problem with location information not updating as it should. There was a problem with some iPhones synching iOS calendar events. One two other things and some security updates too. I’ll set the download to commence but I may have to go and put the Apple Watch on charge to make sure it finishes the job. It is not a good idea to start a download coming in for the Apple Watch when there is alread the operating system being updated. You can get carried away with pressing buttons to get the new and shiny stuff coming in. I suppose the download of the Apple Watch OS will break when the iPhone is updating itself. I will have to start it again from the beginning. – Just got back into the phone after the update and it had saved what was already downloaded. How about that then??

iPad 9.1 Update

Job done and I was asked to use another device to confirm the iCloud entry into the newly set up iPad. Maybe that’s because I have the Two Factor Authentication set up with my iCloud account. As soon as I was back in again there were another 5 app updates in there. It is never ending, I tell you!!

Sometimes with these things it is best to leave it pulling the megabytes or even gigabytes over night. I have a slow internet connection and trying to do big downloads during the day is a bad idea. Everything else goes to a crawl.

Hey Good News

Just seen that the Apple News app has made its way to Spain. Up until now it was just in the US and the UK. I have my blogs set up to go into the Apple News app and now I be able to see what it looks like.