Amazing how reliant we become on having Internet access

We have been without Internet for just over one week now and I have to say that it is driving me absolutely mad, nuts, crazy and totally loony. I have been getting by to a certain extent with using the MiFi, but even that is not working now. It seems to be one of those things that we all experience these days when we are trying to deal with large companies. You ring one day to report a problem and you expect something is being done about it and then when you ring up another day to find out that nothing has been doneat all. You then get a different person who doesn’t know anything about your previous calls. It always feels like you’re starting at the beginning in trying to find a resolution to the difficulties. You would think that these companies would have a file or a notetaking area within the software that they use, that other operators could look at and see what the problem is.

Is the problem with the router?

Orange in Spain
This latest problem all started with a huge electrical storm and a strike of lightning to a house nearby. That’s how close it was. I thought that we had everything turned off and we didn’t get any direct strikes to this house. Certainly, we didn’t have any other electrical equipment get fried during the storm. It is possible though that the lightning affected the telephone system generally, but I do suspect that it is mainly outside the house in the boxes on the poles. The phone company, Orange, are trying to say that the problem is with the router, but I really don’t believe them. (Turns out they were right!)

We have tried another router that we know is working and that is not connecting to the Internet either. So you would think that would rule out that particular hardware as being the cause of the problem. The next thing that I plan to do is to try the router that I have, on a phone line that I know is working, maybe that testing procedure will work, maybe it won’t.

At least I have my iPhone

So I am able to keep an eye on my emails and with Twitter using the iPhone and I have been having some Internet through the MiFi for the iPad. I am at a loss to know why the MiFi is not working today, even though according to the website for the mobile Internet provider, I do have some credit available on the account. I was surprised to see how fast I was able to get through €15 worth of data, but then I have been using it with my iPad and my wife had been using it with her MacBook Pro.

No Internet means you can’t get any work done

Although I could do some recording of video and have a number of videos ready to upload as soon as my Internet returns, it is difficult to get down to the nitty-gritty of work. Having Internet seems to be a necessity for at least part of the process. I think my plan today will be to create a few videos.

No Internet – No Fun

There are television programmes that I would like to download to watch and I can’t do that either. I got so desperate for a TV programme that I have been following, that I have asked a neighbour to download it for me. I have been without Internet for so long that there will be more than one episode to download, at this stage.

The New Router

New router needed

It’s Back!

Since writing this this morning, I rang up Orange once more and I was able to get from them a tracking number for the transport company with the new router. Surprise, surprise the router was on its way and even arrived within the hour. 10 minutes later I had Internet available to use. I was shocked, surprised, dumbfounded and delighted!