Amazing iPad Podcast 2

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Mossad have to buy their own iPads now that they are not confiscating them any more. They will also have to buy their own iPad dock connector european

David in Maidenhead near London UK has an iPad and used Bundlebox to get himself an iPad. Bundle box were swamped in the first few days but he managed to get one using his own credit card. Only took a few days to get the iPad in his hands. £128 for shipping, insurance and duty. There was a bit of sales tax that bumped it up a little. I don’t like the way they don’t advertise the prices with out taxes over in the US.

David got a 32Gb model and is very happy with the tablet computer from Apple so far. Very excited to do the unboxing and left work just a little early to get using it. He has a silicone case that he had ready for it as soon as it arrived. he tells me that it is an incredibly useful tool and carries it nearly everywhere.

David has a MiFi to use with the iPad and is paying £5 a month for up to 500MB a month. I was pleased that he gave me the information about how to get a MiFi from Three in the UK and unlock it with some software called DC Unlocker. He says it will cost me €15 to unlock the MiFi. I have already asked my mom to bring one to me in SPain when she visits next month.

The weight and size of the iPad seems just right in use and has been putting on applications. He did have to have a US iTunes account to be able to activate the device. Activating the device is pain really which tells us that you are best to have another computer to be able to use it with. You also have to have an iTunes account in the US to be able to download some of the applications until the iPad is released internationally.

iPhone applications on the iPad is not nice and look horrible. Much better to get a proper iPad application. Some applications though do come as universal apps which is one package that know which it is going onto and sets up right for the bigger screen when it needs to.

David says that reading books on the iPad is a pleasant experience and has read a whole book using the iPad already and prefers the book reading on the iPad compared to the Sony E Reader he also has.

A very useful tool would be the dock connector to hdmi so that you could connect the iPad to a TV