Animate Graphic Objects in Motion 5

Apple Motion 5 tutorial

You can use a graphic that you have already created and bring it into Motion 5 and animate it, so that it will move, appear or disappear in the timeline of your motion video. In your Motion projects you can do this with keyframes and sometimes the better option is to use a behaviour. In this Apple Motion 5 tutorial I show how you can add a couple of backgrounds to give an individual effect to your animation. You can use a video clip as a background or you might want to use a particle emitter. Here in this movie I was able to use a particle emitter to give the effect of movement within space, as in outer space.

Creating video animations with Apple Motion 5

It is quite amazing that an application as powerful as Motion 5 costs as little as it does, when you consider the stunning video effects that it is possible to create. Seeing as the price is so low there is no need to consider a Motion 5 free download. There are Motion 5 templatesavailable that are already built into the application when you get it. It is also possible to create your own templates, or even if you wish, to buy third-party Motion 5 templates.

Commander ZED flies thanks to Apple Motion 5

Apple Motion 5 tutorial

Check out the Wizardgold YouTube channel for a whole load of videos which include some that show you how to do animation. You can watch the videos to learn how to make video animation graphics with Motion 5. When you get used to using the application it is not that difficult to create a custom animation in a very short time. Digital animation video graphic animation applications like Motion 5 can be quite daunting when you are making your first video graphic animation. Hopefully, with the Apple Motion 5 tutorialI have provided you will get a quick start into using this excellent application from Apple.

Learning about Apple Motion 5 Behaviours

Within the application there are 11 different times of behaviour that you can apply and set various parameters. It is possible to apply the behaviours mixing and matching effects in order to create your custom video animation graphics. It is possible to as the behaviours to create your animation clips with objects that you use from within Motion 5 as well as with graphics that you have created in other art and graphics applications. Enjoy the Apple Motion 5 tutorial and have a go at creating your own video graphic animations. Leave a comment below in the comment section if there are things within Motion 5 that you are struggling with and you would like to get some help.

Apple Motion tutorials over on the Wizardgold channel at YouTube and other apple tutorials. I will not be doing any motion 4 tutorials as I have just got going with the latest version. I have a big interest in animated graphics and I will be trying out other applications for the purpose of making more motion graphics tutorials. What would you like to do with a motion graphics video. Let me know and I will do my best to make some motion graphics videos to explain how to do things.

Origins of Commander Zed

Commander Zed was created by the artist WishPiddle.