Animated Text Generator In Motion 5 And Final Cut Pro X

When you are making movies for your YouTube videos it is inevitable that at some point in time you will want to include some text in your movie. Not only that, but you will also want to have animated text rather than the straightforward plain vanilla text. It is a video with moving pictures, after all so it does need movement to draw the eye, and if you animate text that is one thing you can do. It’s not going to take you long to find that you have an animated text generator available for you to use in Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X. You can make videos for youtube look great using fancy text effects.

Make animated text effects in Motion 5 and use them in FCPX

When you are working in Final Cut Pro X you will see that there are a number of titles that are available that you view text that you can use in your YouTube videos. Some of these titles with text also include animation graphics to enhance the title for you. While you can use the built-in text effects that are available in Final Cut you will see that Final Cut is not an animated text generatoror an animated text maker. For creating text that will be animated in a way that is just perfect for your video you will need to get working in Motion 5. The good thing is that you can take a title that is provided for you in Final Cut and use that as a starting point to edit and change to make your own special creation.

Animated text effects in Motion 5 – Animated text generator

The power that is within the application Motion 5 will allow you to do all sorts of things with text, it has a number of animated text generators. You will be able to combine the choices that you can make with the various styles of text, fonts as well as fillings and outlines that you can use, but you can also use this animated text maker with other behaviour and built-in effects. To a large extent the sky is the limit with regards as to what you could create, I would recommend though that you should keep it simple with your animated texts. It is too easy to get carried away with all of the possibilities. In the end you have to realise that what you want is text that is readable and yet is also a video animation that will catch the eye of whoever is watching your video.

Using Motion 5 for animating text

Although you can do simple things like changing the colour of the text, adding outlines and choosing the font, you can also add drop shadows and even use a pixie dust effect. It is also possible to add a glow to your text there are also a number of styles that you can choose which will add already pre-combined effects which might include gradients and drop shadows. You might use animated text to make a video bug and for that uses a small bit of text which sits in the corner of your video, this is the sort of thing that you might see on the TV. TV channels like to remind you which TV channel you are watching.

Animated Text Generator in Motion 5

There are transitions that are available in Final Cut Pro also that can be added to your taste which will give it a certain amount of animation. To probably get your text moving and grooving, dancing and prancing across the screen then Motion 5 is your answer. Motion 5 is an animated text generator that you can work out completely separately or you can get to from within Final Cut Pro. When in Final Cut Pro if you right click or do a two finger tap on your trackpad you’ll see option which will open up the title in Motion. Have a look at the YouTube video to get an idea of how to get started making animated text effects to add to your video animation. In Motion 5 I used a animation text generator to have the text bounce up and down a little and then I used it in final cut pro x motion is a marvellous app.