Another trip to Barcelona Apple Store 

iMac Happy Days

I got a notice yesterday to say that the iMac is ready to pick up. The Genius in the store did say it would be ten days first of all. I told him I would need to collect in seven days as I only get one day off each week. He said he would try for me…

The soonest I can go and collect it is going to be on Tuesday but I don’t mind waiting until Wednesday. It’s always good when a company will underpromise and over deliver. It makes for happy customers when you get something earlier than you expected. So I will have another trip to Barcelona on Wednesday.

To be honest if it hadn’t been ready I wouldn’t have been too unhappy. I’m doing great using the iPad in a Post PC experience. Missing the Dragon Dictation but still dictating with Siri. Just about everything else I want to do I can do with iOS. I have embraced a post-PC experience and enjoyed being are you iOS warrior. I have had to learn how to do a couple of things a little bit differently. The thing is, it has been different but it hasn’t been more difficult. I have found that on many occasions using the iPad keeps you a more personal experience and is therefore better.

Will I buy a new iMac?

It’s quite easy to lust after the gorgeous brilliant lovely large screens of the iMac. The high resolution and the brilliance of the display and colour really look appealing. Something like that would be really brilliant for doing a photography and video work. I do have to ask myself do I really need it in terms of my willingness to spend 2,500 Euro to buy the iMac I would want. The iMac I have now does a decent job of working with video and photos. I could see that as a shared computer for myself and my wife. Then I could do most of what I want to do, perhaps on a MacBook or more likely on a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. I would probably end up spending a little bit less money. How close would I have to get to the cost of a new iMac with using something else before I would say – Oh well, I’ll buy an iMac anyway. My present iMac is nearly 5 years old and still working great. Perhaps the best approach will be to keep it running for as long as possible and to put aside some cash ready for the next computer. Then in about two or even three years time I would have a nice sum of money to help me make the choice of which computer to buy next. Sounds like a plan!


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