Apple iPhone 5 News – Lets Speculate

Apple iPhone 5 News – Mac podcasters a week of blowing hot air

Apple have finally made the announcement for the event which is certainly going to be about the new iPhone. The Apple iPhone 5 coming out next week is the hottest news in the Mac world. Apple have cleverly arranged it to be on the 12th of September so that they can have a graphic of the number 12 that gives a shadow that looks like a number five. Over the last year, ever since the announcement of the iPhone 4S, the Mac fan boy podcasts have been bleating about the lack of a number five in the name of the phone. Of course, in the last few months of the upgrade cycle, the heat has been turned up, resulting in copious quantities of hot air. Everyone wants to talk about the latest radical iPhone 5 design.

Rumours and damn rumours

I have already made my views clear on the presence of rumours and talking about them on the Mac podcasts. It really isn’t a surprise that the Mac pundits get over excited and want to give their views upon what they think Apple will announce, but really it does get tiresome. Why try and guess the iPhone 5 2012 release date?

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If you do have to listen to any of the Apple news podcasts, I would recommend that you stick to one of them and in my view the best is the Maccast by Adam Christianson. He will tell you that there has been an announcement made and that it looks like it will be all about about a coming event for a new iPhone. Perhaps Adam might be drawn into an overview of the various rumours, but then he will move on to some actual proper news. One of the things that makes the MacCast the best podcast out there is that Adam also does tips and tricks to help Mac users. Much more satisfying than fake Apple iPhone 5 news.

The iPhone 5 and live blogging

It is a shame that Apple are unable to present a streaming view of the announcement, as only the chosen few of the journalists and media will be present. There will be a whole host of Apple fans on the look out for latest Apple iPhone 5 news, Some of the commenters and the rumour sites that follow Apple will manage to have somebody there, that will live blog the latest news to the great unwashed public. If you are expecting to be able to follow a live blog then you may need to have a couple of choices available. This is because generally the Internet is not able to keep up with the amount of traffic on these various Mac websites. The amount of interest in such announcement from Apple is also a factor why the announcement is not broadcast live as a video feed.

Industrial espionage and the iPhone 5

I have seen on Twitter that there have been many supposed leaks of information regarding the new phone from Apple. A kind of corporate espionage. This has been in the form of blurry photographs of the innards of the iPhone, that have come from various sources. Enterprising rumour mongerers have even gathered together photos from various sources to see if these bits look like they will slot together. The idea is that it might give some sort of clue as to the shape and size of the Apple new iPhone 5.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the rumour blogs actually went to the next step of trying to bribe employees of the Chinese manufacturers to spill the beans. It only takes somebody who knows someone, who perhaps knows somebody, that has a brother or a cousin working in one of the factories in China. Sophisticated blogs could get themselves a corporate spy to commit their intellectual property theft and have secrets to talk about instead of rumours. James Bond, get out of here! Just about all of the people that actually work for Apple are always tightlipped regarding the new products, but with such a news frenzy perpetually present, it is no surprise that a certain amount of industrial espionage does takes place. At least it gives Leo Laporte something to talk about.

What are you going to do this week?

Will you listen to the Mac pundits pontificating and speculating? Or will you do your best to ignore it until the actual announcement is made by Tim Cook and Phil Schiller at the iPhone 5 event in California. Personally I’m not interested in the views of these people that really don’t know anything at all. I may even unsubscribe from all of the Mac podcasts for the next week, except for the MacCast, to save myself from getting annoyed. There is one other Mac podcast which looks at Apple news, the Mac podcast from British Tech News that I might also keep. They will do a certain amount of speculating and talk about what might be coming, but at least they will be irreverent and funny while they are doing it. They are usually quite happy to acknowledge the fact that they are talking crap. They don’t mind admitting that nobody knows the real story until Tim Cook speaks on the stage next week. Will you be buying the totally gorgeous iPhone 5 as prmised in the Apple iPhone 5 News?