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David Allen Wizardgold

David Allen Wizardgold

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Apple Watch almost killed by the Maps App in Barcelona

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Good and geeky

I usually have 25% to 40% battery left at the end of the day on my Apple Watch. Yesterday I used the Maps app on the phone and the Apple Watch in Barcelona. It wasn’t very good for getting me to the Starbucks for a cup of tea and was heavy on battery usage. I was offered the chance by the Watch to go into Power Reserve mode, but didn’t use it because it was close to my bed time.

Still needed to complete the Daily Activities

In any case I still had a circle to close on the Activity app. The Calories ring can take a bit more effort to get finished. Standing activity is usually easy for me and so is the number of minutes of exercise. 30 minutes is OK for the day.

In the days since this day out in Barcelona the battery life have been working as per normal.

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