David’s Mom and the Apple Watch Unboxing

It’s great to have a mom that can help you out

I had resigned myself at the beginning of this week that my order for the Apple watch was going to take some time to arrive. I have been given a date of 4 to 6 weeks with it arriving somewhere between 12th of May and 26th of May. I would then have to wait for a couple weeks until my mother came to visit on 3rd of June before I would get my hands on the watch.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I got an email from Apple to say that I would be getting my Apple watch delivered on day one, April 24th. This was an even bigger surprise because the day before they had tried to do a payment for the watch off my credit card and they said it didn’t go through. That wasn’t actually the case though. It was just that they put a flag on the order because I’m ordering from Spain to have it sent to an English address. They have done this to stop people ordering from countries not in their first wave of places that will be able to get the Apple Watch. I’m sure that I’m not the only person to have found this workaround. I have in the past bought Apple products from the UK site, such as when I wanted a new MacBook and the only way to get one from the refurbished store with an English keyboard was to buy from the UK store.


So yesterday I was incredibly delighted to see that my order had gone through and was in progress. I have checked with the tracking system with UK Mail this morning and it is out for delivery. I have even been able to set up on the site where they will send me a text and an email to let me know when the driver is heading my delivery address to next. I set that up with my moms phone number for the text message and my email address.

It is going to be murder having to wait for a week until I’m in England to go to my nephew’s wedding, before I’m able to put the watch on my wrist. I’m looking forward to trying out all of the various applications that have been updated to work with the Apple Watch. I can see me getting use out of OmniFocus, Clear, Day One, Twitterrific and probably some others too. I’m interested to find out how it’s going to work with the health applications as I have been using a Fitbit for the last week or so. This is the Fitbit belonging to my wife who was having trouble in getting it charged up. It’s been working great since I’ve been using it and I almost wonder if I should get one for myself, just so that I have the buzzing on the wrist alarms to get me up in the morning. I won’t be able to use my Apple Watch to perform this task as it is going to be on a stand being charged during the night time. Maybe this is a reason for us to have two Apple Watches. You could have one your wrist at all times even when the other one is charging.

My mom is an Apple fan also. She has a MacBook, and iPad and iPhone and she has shown interest in the Apple watch. She has seen the videos on the Apple site and it wouldn’t surprise me if she was going to save up for one. I might have to tell her that it will be okay for her to open the box and have a look at mine. The only thing is, is that she might be tempted to wear it for a week and then not give it back to me. Serves me right huh?