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Campsite shenanigans

Early in the morning at the campsite and I have a little bit of time to myself before the other people working here start arriving. I will give some of them them a walkie-talkie when they start work. I can relax a little bit before reception opens and before the customers of the campsite start to do whatever they have to do in the morning.

The sights you see in a campsite

One of the things about a campsite is that you will often see people wandering around wearing a bathrobe or carrying a bag of bathroom bits and pieces to go and perform their ablutions. It’s also very normal to see someone wondering purposefully in the direction of the bathrooms with a toilet roll in their hand. That’s just the way it is with a campsite.

This Campsite where I work is right on the beach and sometimes we get cheeky people off the beach coming into use the facilities. I might have to tell them politely that it is for customers only.

Raining cats and dogs and other animals

Generally, because people are on holiday the main thing is for them to be happy and enjoy themselves. So people are usually very friendly at the campsite. This morning I posted a picture of one of our guests with his dog. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind if I took a photo of them. I often talk to him as it goes past anyway because I like dogs. This dog is a big softie and if the owners leave him at the caravan while they go to the bar for a drink, the dog will cry and whine like a baby. He gets quite upset when he can’t see his owners. The man tells me that the dog is a rescue dog and you can’t help but wonder why the previous people the dog was owned by would want to get rid of this lovely friendly dog.

There is a really friendly elder Swiss couple here and they have a couple of cats – they put them on a lead to walk around by their Caravan. There are also one or two of the people that come here for the whole season that bring their cats with them. It always seems a little bit strange to me when you see a cat on a lead being walked. In the past there was a customer that came a couple of years in a row and he brought his pets parrot with him. He used to wander around with the parrot sitting on his shoulder. I suppose he looked a little bit like a pirate. Last year we also had a man who came here from Valencia who had a bird of prey, I think it was a small hawk and I managed to get a photograph of that as well. There are times when this place is quite a menagerie of animals.

From babies to running around on bicycles

The campsite is very much a family campsite and there are always lots of children running around. Over the years I have been here I have seen babies growing up to be bigger children and joining in the games and the riding of bicycles with the other kids. There is one little girl here at the moment that is probably only about three years old and is riding around on an electrical tricycle and loving it.

Adult humour

As a campsite you will often find that people are doing what they like to do on holidays, which is to enjoy themselves. Recently there was a couple that arrived and I had shown them to their plot. I had to go back there about five or ten minutes later to give them something for putting onto their tent to show that they were customers. When I called out “hello”, all I could hear was some giggling from inside the tent and I thought it might be better if I deposited the thing I had for them and left them to their own devices. While they were registering in the reception they could hardly keep their hands off each other so I have a good idea of what they were up to in the tent.

German teenagers on tour

At the end of June at the campsite we get an influx of German kids ranging from the age of 13 up to about 21. There are two groups of kids that come from Germany with holiday companies set up specifically for this purpose. It always seems to be a good friendly crowd and they don’t cause any trouble with the groups being very well run. It seems to be getting more popular and the groups are bigger each year taking up more space in the campsite. There are times when the parents are ringing up to try to find out how their little darlings are getting on. Instead of ringing the people that are running the holiday for the teenagers, they ring the campsite reception instead. The kids are just too busy having fun with their new friends to worry about letting the parents know that they arrived safely. That’s kids for you…