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I did try out the beta version of Blogo on the iPhone and it didn’t really work very well for me. I didn’t have the time to mess around trying to make it work and now they feel version is out and it’s worth giving it a proper try.

Blogo on iphone


Blogo on the iphone shows a preview

It took a minute or so for the application to go to my website get the details from the theme and to give me a preview of the post. When it came back it looked pretty good. I wonder if Blog will work with iOS automation tools, probably not as it is only a version 1 for the moment.

Creating the headlines

On account of not being used to the application I’m finding it difficult to set up the headlines for the article. Eventually I found that I just needed to select the whole of the headline text and then to choose the headline from the pop-up menu. For some strange reason sometimes it breaks apart the text on two separate lines when adding the headline code. I’m trying this out as I go along. It seems the thing to do is to choose the headline you want to before you put the text on the page. It doesn’t work so well if you put the text in and then want to convert that text into a headline.

Add to article

It’s easy enough to add pictures to the article from the photo library. You can also crop photos when you are bringing the photos into the blood post. From the same screen you can add read more code and also add HTML code.

Blogo on the iPhone

Article Options

There is a gear icon in the top right hand corner and you can get to some article options from here. There’s not a huge amount of options available but you can schedule a post to publish later. You are able to set if you’re going to allow comments or ping backs using Blogo on the iPhone.

It’s a bit fiddly

I’m doing this on the iPhone 6. I think I’m going to have to try it out properly on the iPad to get a full sense of how good is this Blogo application is. It’s cool that it is possible to do this sort of blogging from the iPhone. I don’t think I’d like to do it this way too often though. I do have the WordPress application on the iPhone and I’ll have to give that a go to compare against this experience. Definitely think I need to have a bigger screen for Blogo. Blogging like this on the iPhone is like opening your Christmas presents through a letterbox. Even so, I’m quite pleased to have Blogo on the iPhone.

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