Bought a new Apple Watch – Series 3

I usually prefer to go to an Apple Store to buy. Or I buy it off the Internet and have it sent to me. Today I went to the MediaMarkt shop in Girona and they had what I was looking for. I did think about using the one with the sports wristband but they didn’t have it available. I had the choice of the standard aluminium colour or the space grey. Good to have something different for a change so I went for the space grey. I waited until I got home before ripping open the box. I was pleased to see that the boxes of the same high quality as the box that came with the first Apple Watch I bought. The plastic inner box wasn’t there this time, but otherwise it was just the same. I already have a buyer for my first Apple Watch which took the sting out of buying a new one. Considering the use and utility I get from having the Apple watch on my wrist every day it’s well worth the money. I’m looking forward to the new facilities available to me now. Obviously it’s going to be faster with it being three years newer. I think there is GPS included within the watch which has its uses. I’ll have to read up and find out what those advantages are.

Changing from the old watch to the new watch

It didn’t go completely smoothly. When I paired the watch it was supposed to have made a backup on my phone. I did have a message to say there was a problem, but I didn’t realise it hadn’t made the backup. I did have some backups available but they were older backups so I decided to set it up as a new Apple Watch. I’ve just realised I will probably lose my health application data going this way. This way I can get to choose which applications I move to the watch. I like to have the notes application on there, Drafts. I will have a voice recorder on there as well.I’ve just given drafts a try and I was very impressed with how well it works. It worked much better than the last time I tried it using the old watch. I was pleased with how fast the application can be available on the watch. Having a faster processor is definitely a worthwhile upgrade to have and use.

Siri now talks to me on my Apple Watch

I found it useful to have feedback in a audible format from the watch. When I asked Siri a question she came back with the answer and the volume was pretty good. Apple must have replaced the old loudspeaker with a pretty good one.

Setting the watch up

I only had to put my phone near to the watch and open up the application on the phone. That’s weird image came up on the watch and the phone recognised and paired really quickly. It did take some time for all of the applications to be downloaded from the phone to the watch.

The next thing I did was to arrange the complications on the watch face as I had set up before. I like to have the modular watch face. In the top left-hand corner I have access to alarms. The large space in the centre is where I have the day and the date. The bottom left-hand corner I use for a timer because I regularly set up timers during the day. On the bottom in the centre I have the Drafts application so I can quickly take a note of any sort with a tap on that icon. In the bottom right-hand corner is where I have the activity rings. I like quick access to how my exercise and activity regime is going during the day. Today is not going to be very good because the first four or five hours of being awake were missed. That’s because I waited until I got home before setting up the watch.

Banking on the Apple Watch

When you press the button on the right side of the phone which is below the Crown you get access to the dock. I’ve just been trying out the N26 application and although it takes some time to login to the bank server it is quite neat to be out to see my bank transactions directly on my watch. The thing I shall see most often is the last playing screen. This usually comes up when I open up the watch because I have it set to automatically show the last thing I was using. I’m always listening to podcasts and often need to stop or start a podcast using the screen on the watch. There are only ten applications you can put into favourites and is easy to arrange them in the watch application on the phone. Another useful application to have been the favourites is the Authy app which gives you your one-off time sensitive two factor authentication passwords. I’m definitely impressed with how fast the new watches able to do these tasks for me.

The Apple watcher and electric car charging

I added the PlugShare application to the Apple Watch. First of all it worked okay show me nearby electric car chargers. Then the screen went blank and now it’s showing anything at all. I’ll give it a try again later to see if I have more luck with it.

Apple watch and a data connection.

As I live in Spain I’m not able to buy the watch with the cellular data connection. Even if it was available I don’t think I would buy it. It would just add another monthly expense and not give me that much more in terms of functionality.

Apple Watch and the Apple AirPods

I can connect up the AirPods easily, but to use the music app I need to have a subscription to the Apple music service. I don’t think I’m going to do that. I have enough monthly payments going out to Apple as it is. I pay for extra storage for my data backups. I also have a couple of subscriptions going out for applications like I Translate. I’m going to try and send a couple of podcasts to the application Watchcast and see how that works out. My attempts at the moment to get the podcast transferred is working very slowly indeed. I’m also installing Pocketcasts on to the watch and I’ll try that out too.