The iPad as a High Speed Scanner of Business cards with WorldCard HD

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If you are doing any sort of business, then you can be fairly sure that at some point in time, business cards will be involved and you might want to use a business card app. Even if you are fully up-to-date with the latest technology and have your business card details within a mobile application that you can bump across to somebody else’s mobile phone, you are for sure going to meet people that will hand you a paper or card old-fashioned business card. It will be this way for many years to come, that businessmen and women will be using these little pieces of card to pass on their information to other business people in their industries and of course to clients and customers. So there is for sure, a definite need for applications like WorldCard HD to capture quickly, easily and accurately the details on the business cards that are handed to us. You can use your mobile device as a high speed scanner. You may well find the WorldCard HD app for the iPad coming up in business card scanner reviews.


The problem to be solved – Is that it takes time to enter data, so it can be boring and tedious, as well as there is always the possibility of adding errors while inputting the data that you are reading off the card. Also it is very easy to tuck away the business cards collected during a business meeting and put into a pocket, meaning to input the data later and then forgetting to do so. It is genius really to use our mobile phones as business card scanners using a business card scanner app. In fact because you always have the cell phone with you on your person it is the best business card scanner you could have. yes it is true, you can use the iPad in business.

Penpower WorldCard HD scanner app

Penpower WorldCard HD which is a scanner app, solves these problems for us by allowing us to photograph the card with our camera on our mobile phone or iPad 2 and have their system use optical character recognition, OCR, to do the work for us. All we need to do, is to check that the details have been recognised correctly and most of the job is already done. Then all that is necessary is to perhaps take a photograph of your business card giver and add that to the data that has already been recognised with the card. Then if you wish, you can add further information. There are the standard fields for adding extra data about your business person, customer or client and you can also add your own custom fields. Anything else can be put into a free-form notes field within the data record in this worldcards  ipad 3 2012 for reading text and images for business cards. You can also use this app on  ipad 2 hd and use this as a business scanner of business cards.

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Extra editing of the business card image

When I took the photos of the business cards I was able to do a good job of taking the photograph. The camera was pointed directly at the business card, no weird angles and the lighting was just right. I understand from the help file that it is possible to straighten an image if necessary and it is also possible to rotate the image through 90°. In this business card scanner software on the page for looking at the details of the contact, you see the image of the business card. All of the recognised text is underneath it, all laid out very nicely. At the top you have some icons which will let you do things with the text and also the image. The first icon to the left is the edit button, that when tapped will let you get in to edit the data to your hearts content. You also do the editing of the image if needed in that section of the app.

Business card scanner – Cropping the business card image

When you tap on the button to let you crop the image, you get your rectangle with four squares on each corner. You align each of the squares with the corners of the business card, tap on preview for the software to process the image. From this part of the application you can also re-do the OCR, I suppose there may be occasions where it may be necessary to do that. When you use the button for More Functions, you may also add the back side of a photo from an album, replace front side photo from an album or delete the front side photo. So once you have checked all of the data is correct then you could swap out the image of the business card for a photo of the person instead. You get an picture of the person that is visible in more places in the app, and is larger than the picture in the space specifically for the person. So you get to see the face of your contact in the Photo View and not just in the list view.

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Worldcard HD Business card Scanner.