Day 4 post-PC – Joys Of Mobile Computing

The joys of mobile computing – Day 4 post-PC

In my previous iPad I had the slots for the Sim card. It was quite handy to have mobile access to the Internet where ever I was. The only problem was the extra cost of a sim per month. With the iPad Pro being quite an expensive purchase I decided not to go with the Sim card system this time. I don’t really miss it because I have the hotspot connection to my iPhone which is working very well indeed. At my work I get 4G connection which is pretty fast. It’s easy to connect to the iPhone from the iPad and quick to get it to make the connection when I need it. The only thing is, if you leave the iPad for a couple of minutes to go and do something, when you come back you have to reconnect to the hotspot.

Importing a file into MailChimp

On my first attempt I tried to import the file from the numbers folder in iCloud. That didn’t work because the file which originally was I got CSV file had been converted to a Numbers file. So I exported the numbers file to CSV and I put it into Dropbox. I could have saved it to the iCloud folder and it will still have worked, but I decided to try something different. There were plenty of options for places to export out and also in Safari in MailChimp it was an easy task with enough options.

Adding text to an image to use as a web graphic

Adding the text in Pixelmator for iPad was easy. Getting a version of the picture out of Pixelmator for iPad, not so easy. For some strange reason when I was loading the picture using Safari to plug into the WordPress of my website, the image was coming in without the text. I had to go back in to Pixelmator for iPad to try and find a way to save out the image so it had the text within it. The text on the image was in a different layer and not getting saved into the photo library. Eventually I found one that worked. Just can’t remember now, which one it was…..

Exporting out of Pixelmator for iPad

Exporting out of Pixelmator for iPad

I do have other applications that do the same job. I have one called Over which works very well and is easy. You can take any photos you have on your device whether it be a photo you’ve taken or a screenshot and add text over the top and arrange it how you want it. The good thing about using Pixelmator for iPad is that you cannot reduce these pixel size of the file which saves the uploading time when putting into your blog post. It doesn’t really matter as far as the reader of the work is concerned as you can choose the size of the image shown in WordPress.

Other applications I’m using

I’ve started using an application called Story Planner. This is for when you’re writing a novel and you want to start off in an organised way. You can add all of your characters into the application and all of your locations. You also have a place to add plots and scenes. When you are organising a scene you can add the characters that are going to appear in that scene. You do have to have previously set up the characters available to have ready to use in that area of the software. It would be nice to make characters up on the fly. If you have to jump in between different sections of the application you could lose the flow of your thinking!

Deciding on the tension in a scene in Story Planner

Setting s for a Scene in Story Planner

Setting s for a Scene in Story Planner

Story Planner Gives you information about story structure

Smoking Zombies

There is an incredible amount of information you can see on your story after you’ve been working on it for a while in Story Planner. I’ve only just started with this story in this app although I have written ten chapters and published them on WattPad. What is there is the first draft and I’ve been learning more about story telling which will have me re-write all I have done so far and reconsider the way the story works as a whole.

Written in Ulysees

I use Blink to add links to iTunes Store applications and I might use WordPress app to post. Started the writing on the iPad and finished the job on the iPhone.