Day One, Me being Unproductive and Bitcoin

Day One needed to be restarted

I am not sure quite what happened to the application Day One, but for some reason it stopped working. Maybe I closed it down by accident somehow or other. I really kind of missed having Day One pop up and asked me to add a new posting for what was happening in my day.

There is no D in it!

Yesterday I had to fix Victoria’s computer it had a strange complaint where the D on the keyboard, in fact on any keyboards was not working. As it was on any keyboard that was connected to the computer that was unable to add the D to any documents, how is able to see that it was a software problem and not a hardware problem. My first thought was that it had got a sticky key.

I was able to fix the problem and I am not quite sure how I managed to do it. There was an update that was available and required to be done on the Mac OS X system and I also did a couple of other things which might also have done the fixing. There is a possibility that a couple of things that I took ads of the start-up items when logging in, were the cause of the problem. That happens sometimes when you have software conflicts. The problem did have a help so obviously other people have had a similar problem at sometime or other.

Farting about getting nothing done

Today has been a funny day all around because I don’t start work until 6 o’clock this evening and I work until 10 o’clock. It has been a cold because the sun has been obscured all day by thick clouds. I have been busy with my computer doing stuff, but not too terribly important useful things.

BullionVault – Maybe I will buy more gold or perhaps some silver

I have been looking at the possibility of saving some money in my Bullion Vault gold account as it is a good way to save and maybe to make a little bit with the increase in the price of gold.

BitCoin and my older iMac

BitCoinAlso with regards money I have been looking at a thing called BitCoin and I might look into the possibility of selling the nonworking iMac I have upstairs for some Bit Coin money. I had heard of this currency before but I saw an article today about someone who sold a car, a Porsche for bit coin.

So if you want to buy my 24in iMac (non working, needs a new screen) for spares or repairs, then I could take payment in BitCoin. I reckon the iMac is worth $300 because it would be a great computer again with a new screen. Or if you need parts off it then that could be good too as everything else works great. Keyboard and mouse not included.

Contact me if you are interested.