Day one of enforced post-PC action

Missing my iMac

When I get up in the morning I go and sit in front of my computer at my desk. Seems weird to have a blank screen in front of me like that. So I started up the Mac just long enough to move some TV shows off it to the iPad Pro. That was a good move because I was able to watch Containment episode 1 in the evening. I used Airplay to push the video to the Apple TV. Otherwise using the iPad as normal. I do have some video to edit on the Mac. I might get that into Pinnacle or iMovie to finish it off.


Working out how to use Blogo


I saw saw today that Ulysses is working on version 2.6 and there will be more blogging options. At the moment it is only possible to post to Medium. With the next version we will be able to post to WordPress sites too. That would save me from buying a Blogo upgrade. I am almost tempted to see about getting in with the beta testing of the app. Not such a good idea with it being my main writing app these days. Woul d hate to lose a pile of work in a beta application.


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