Doodlecast to record video on the iPad

A way to record a teaching thing on the iPad

I downloaded the app to my iPad because I saw that it is possible to record in a fashion on the iPad. I would like to record the screen properly as a video but I have to buy the later version of the ipad to do that. I need the iPad 2 or iPad 3. The app I am trying out is called Doodlecast Pro. I have just been working with it and I am not that impressed. I can’t use it to record what ever I want. I have to record things that I have put into the working area. It will not record other apps. I can only bring in still images, photos and screenshots.

Doodlecast Pro

Very limited in terms of capabilities

I can add new slides to the Doodlecast, but only to the end of the slide show. So I have to know exactly how it will pan out, as there is no way to add a slide in between slides already inserted. You would have to hope that the developers have got that in the plans for inclusion soon.

Recording videos

The way it works is that you put images into the working area and also you can draw on the screen. The drawing and writing will play back later. When you have all your media in and you know what you want to say, then you can press record. There is an arrow that you can move around the screen to point at stuff. You can overlay a colour and then rub it away to reveal the image underneath.

It would be nice if you could grab an object and change the size of it on the screen and record that action. I can do that sort of thing in ScreenFlow on the Mac and obviously this application has a long way to go yet. I suppose that the developer of the app has to get the app out there at some point, but it seems to me that this one could be better finished off.

Changing the look of the show or video in Doodlecast.

You can hit a button which will let you choose from a list of backgrounds. Simple things like lined paper or graph paper and you have a couple of sports based backgrounds. A football coach could use this app maybe to demonstrate what is needed from a set play, like a free kick or what he wants players to do with a corner kick. There are some settings for the brush but they seem very sparse indeed, especially when I come into it from a good drawing app like Procreate.


Recording on the iPad

Just press the record button at the top of the screen when ready to make the movie. You have to remember that the recording is paused during slide changes. In this first movie made with Doodlecast Pro by me, I should have stopped talking when I wanted to change slide. If you don’t then your voice is cut off by the automatic pause. There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit the audio you record after you have finished and no way to edit just a part of it either. You will be looking at re recording if you make any mistakes along the way. Most likely in a different application and probably on the Mac even though there are a couple of video apps for the iPad, Avid and iMovie.

free applications

iMage Tools

You don’t get much in the way of editing tools. No layers and you can’t turn rotate items once you have them in the application. The app wasn’t that expensive to buy but at the same time it seems a little disappointing. I will make another video to see how it goes. Will also make sure that I use a better microphone with it too. I have the iRig microphone but not with me today, so I used the microphone from the earphones from my iPhone today.