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David Allen Wizardgold

David Allen Wizardgold

How to Be Good and Geeky One Step at a Time

Electric Bicycle and DEVONthink

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Good and geeky

Going electric with a bicycle

I ordered the electric bicycle kit and I look forward to getting my hands on that. In the end I went for one with a less powerful motor and less volts but surprisingly has more of a range and the battery will last much longer. I may need to get my hands on some tools to be able to fit the kit onto the bike. I will have to take a trip to the local bike shop and see how much the tools will cost. The man in the local electric bike shop has been very helpful and I would be tempted to ask him how much it would cost to fit the kit. That could be an option of it is not much more than the cost of buying the tools.

Saving Money By Not Buying Diesel

I can see that I will have to use the electric bike as much as possible in order to not be using the car and the diesel. I will be able to look at the accounts at the end of the year and see how much money I have saved.

I am still unsure about whether I should take the job where I’m working nights. As it is I spend an awful lot of time on my own and although there are problems with the old job especially with the horrible boss, it is have the advantage of me meeting and talking to more people. If I’m working nights then that is not going to be the case. On the other hand, working nights does give me the possibility to be able to write and I really would like to be able to get a couple of books into the online stores by the end of the year.


I got my hands on the latest version of this software and I plan to use this for a project of writing a book. I’m looking at having a series of books that look at combining using a pair of computer platforms such as Mac users using an Android phone or other Android device. I plan to look at the day-to-day problems of such combinations and provide solutions.

DEVONthink 2I will be using Devon think to collect as much information as possible of the subject matter in question and then to continue using the application to put it together before finishing it off in Scrivener.

The application Devonthink seems to be a very completed application and as a beginner I am having trouble getting my head around how it works. I’m sure that this is the case for other people and I’m not just being thick. I think the best way to learn this application is to use it for an actual project and so it will be perfect to have this book to work on.

This is all for a review and a set of tutorials I will do about DEVONthink.

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