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It is time to secure your electronic data and in the latest Good and Geeky Book I show you how. Step by step guides on how to encrypt your text in a document, how to encrypt files on your computer, how to secure your emails. It is simplicity itself to put this GPG Tools software on your Mac or GPG4Windows on your PC and defend your private electronic information. You wouldn’t put private information like your bank details or something concerning your health on a Postcard. So why send your data in as plain clear text in an email. The governments of the world are scanning and stealing data and then you have the criminal hackers that will happily run off with your money.

It is up to you

Google, Yahoo and Facebook want you to share all your information so you won’t get any help there. You are their product and you need to look after your own data. Use Pretty Good Privacy or the open source free version OpenPGP or GPG. In the book I give you step by step guides on how to set it up and how to use it successfully. Even if you think you have nothing to hide, that’s just an excuse to avoid learning how to do it.This weekend for the launch I’m selling it for 99 cents. Better than having your identity stolen.

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More ways of skinning the encryption cat

Once you understand how the PGP/GPG system of email privacy works, it’s really quite simple. There are some people just can’t quite get their head around the notion of a public and private key. For these people who can’t get to grips with this I would suggest another possibility is to use an S/mime certificate. The only problem with these certificates is that they can be fiddly or even hard to set up in the first place. It is also true that some people prefer this for encryption and if you want to send encrypted emails to this person you’ll need to have S/mime setup on your computer.

If you’re serious about having email encryption then I think you need to have both systems set up. Like I said some people prefer one hurrah than the other and so you’ll need to have both available to you.

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This is a practical book with links to videos to show you how to do it. I also will work with you. Send me an encrypted email and I will send you one back,

Got any questions? let me help you become proficient in encryption of your communications

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