Enough Apple Rumours to Sink a Ship

Apple News podcasts – Apple Rumours

I like to keep ahead of what’s happening in the Apple news. Mainly I want to know if there are going to be new computers available especially when I’m getting to the stage where I need to upgrade the iMac computer I have on my desktop. I also write about things to do with Apple on the blog so another reason to keep up to date. For the blog I come at it in terms of what you can do with the technology and how it can help our daily lives. I am getting thoroughly fed up with these supposed news sites for Apple because of all the rubbish they talk. Rather than talk about something useful the podcast hosts always discuss whatever Apple rumours are flying around at the time. The rumours are completely baseless and the podcasts have made no attempt to verify any of the information or to cite their sources. These people are pretending to be journalists which is fair enough if you want to have fun talking about this stuff. I for one am just completely bored with listening to the same stuff over and over again.

Apple rumours

You know nothing Jon Snow…

Unless you work at Apple in the management it’s unlikely you have real data about what’s coming next from our favourite computer company. So I have to wonder why any of these people give credence to any of the rumours that circulate 365 days of the year. The only time we get a break from the stories is maybe for one or two days after an actual announcement. The podcast hosts will talk about things that have actually happened – briefly. Technology you can go into a shop and buy to make use of in your good and geeky life. It really does only take one or two days before they are at it again. I think the iPhone 7 was only out for about a week and they were already discussing rumours for the next iPhone.

The Mac Cast – Worth listening to.

It’s for this reason I only listen to one Apple based podcast that discusses news and that is the Mac Cast. It was this podcast by Adam Christenson I was listening to when I first was finding out about Apple computers. The information from this podcast helped me decide which Apple computer to buy when I switched from Windows to the Mac. He does cover some of the rumours and does say the same things over and over again sometimes, but at least part of a podcast is about tips and tricks and getting the best from your computer.

Apple Fan Boy Premium rate phone line

I sometimes wonder if there should be a service for these dedicated Apple fan boys where you can pay to have conversations about what has or hasn’t been done by Apple. Like I said, it’s mostly chat about what Apple hasn’t done yet.

For how long did they talk about an Apple TV product?

At the moment all the Apple rumours are centring around whether Apple will change the lightning port to a USB 3 on the iPhone. The other concerns fan boys are having is about whether Apple will ever update the Mac Pro with its trashcan design. There was a lot of talk about whether there was going to be an Apple car. Just as there was a lot of talk a couple of years ago about Apple making a television. The podcasters have given up on those for now. The number of hours dedicated in these podcasts to daft discussions about nothing must really mount up. It really does get very boring and I know there are more interesting things to talk about.

Using computers is more interesting than news about them

I think it’s more interesting to talk about how you can use the hardware and software to do things better. There are so many things we can do to use computers to make our lives better. There’s a huge amount of stuff we can talk about with regards home automation and indeed life automation. Which is the best software to use to keep our data safe? How can we use encryption to prevent nefarious parties from prying into our business? It’s nice to discuss how we can use software to keep a record of our lives as easily as possible. For this I like the application Day One. There are all sorts of interests and avenues of computer use such as writing, photography, video and making audio and the software you use to do these things that could be talked about on podcasts. It would just be so much more interesting than the incessant repetition of baseless Apple rumours.