ForkLift my Files and FTP

I find it difficult to resist an application when it is available on offer. Every Tuesday I get an email sent to me called Two Dollar Tuesday. So any of the applications they have are available for two dollars. Often the discount can be as much as 80%. So an application could normally be a $20 App, I get for two dollars instead. This week the application that tempted me was the application called ForkLift. I have seen this application before advertised as a application to be used for FTP. When I was looking at the details on the Two Dollar Tuesday website I saw it advertised as being a replacement for the Finder. In the past I have used other Finder replacements such as Total Finder and another one I can’t remember the name of. I liked them and I used them for sometime, but in the end I gave up using them because it was easier for my muscle memory to get me to the usual Apple Finder application. It may work out the same with this ForkLift application although I haven’t really had enough time to trial it properly. What I have seen so far, I do like. It is very good for connecting up to The FTP connection for my websites. What I liked about it was it gave me a dual pane view so I could have my FTP on one side and the place on my computer on a separate pane. This meant I could easily do drag-and-drop from one side to the other. What was particularly nice about this is that I could save the FTP location as a favourite and it makes it very easy to get back to again. Not only that, but I was also able to save the scenario of the two panes side-by-side making it doubly easy to use when sending files to the websites. I can see the benefits of using ForkLift application rather than using finder. I have already dragged into the sidebar of the application some of my favourite places on the computer so I can get to them easily. I’m not really sure yet how this is going to work out when we move to using El Capitan. I am feeling quite hopeful at the moment that is going to be a tool I will continue using.