Gardening isn’t as much fun as riding a bike

Get that grass cut

Today I have used a strimmer, the lawnmower, a wheelbarrow and a rake and I hate gardening! On the plus side so far with all the walking around the garden with the lawnmower I have logged 5000 steps. I use the fitness application called Noom to keep track of things. Since February using this application to record my input of calories and also my use of those calories with exercise, I have managed to lose 10 kg. Between now and the end of August I expect to lose another 3 kg to get to the weight that I want to be at. Another good thing which has an effect upon my losing weight has been cycling. I use an electric bicycle, but I’m still cycling hard because I am looking for going faster rather than going easier. The electric bicycle is particularly very good for going up hills and when I am coming home there is a tough hill at the end of the ride. If I didn’t have an electric bicycle then that hill at the end would certainly put me off riding to and from work. Having an eBike really works for me. So instead of using the bike once in a blue moon, I am using my bike nearly every day. I have had a few days over the last week when I couldn’t ride my bicycle because of the rain and thunder storms and I got quite frustrated waiting for the weather to get better.

Wheels and spokes on an eBike

Since having this electric bicycle I have had a few problems with the wheel with the motor in it, because the spokes weren’t strong enough for the power of the engine. I have had to have the wheel rebuilt twice. The first time was because I hit a pot hole in the road and then I had to get it rebuilt because the spokes that were replaced were too puny.

Some expensive Electric bikes out there.

There are some very nice good-looking electric bicycles around. I saw a bicycle made by Grace which is very enticing but is very expensive. There is also the bike called the Stealth Bomber but that is even more expensive. If I was going to spend that much money then I would rather go for one of those Zero Motorcycles. The other sort of bicycles that I could be interested in would be the recumbent bicycles. I have seen that there are some people that have made of those into electric bicycles too! I imagine that’s what they would take quite a bit of getting used to, especially the sort where the steering is done with the hands lower down. The handlebar steering mechanism is situated underneath your bottom rather than above your shoulders. Even though these recumbent bicycles are quite expensive I have seen one or two of these around lately. All of this is much better than gardening!