Getting Down and Dirty Using Evernote For Mac – And Then There is Skitch

Using Evernote for Mac

It has been a long time now, perhaps for as nearly as much time as I have been a Mac user, that I’ve been using Evernote for Mac. Every time I get a new Apple device one of the first applications that is installed on my new Apple computer is Evernote for Mac. The application is easy-to-use, whether you are working on your iPhone, iPad or your desktop Mac computer, such as an iMac.

What Do I do? – When I am Using Evernote for Mac OS X

Well I don’t do anything fancy with it, but I still find it incredibly useful. I am always snipping bits from web pages when I am looking for research for the articles I write. I throw into Evernote anything I might need to have in front of me later. That could be receipts, pass codes, anything I should remember for using somewhere. I will put images in there if there is important info. I know I can search for it later if there is text in the picture. I like to capture stuff from web pages and I do that by having the clipping plug ins installed in the browsers I use. Chrome and Safari. I know I will have my iPhone with me where ever I go so if I want to check some info while I am out, I can do that in Evernote.

The First App To Get Put On My New iMac

I have just added to the line of Mac computers that I have owned, a new Thunderbolt equipped iMac, that is 27 inches of pure goodness. I always like to have a large amount of screen space so I can spread all my stuff as far as possible. For me it is necessary, even to go as far as connecting any external displays I can find in the house, so I have even more screen space to play with. I had been tempted by the new Mac Mini Thunderbolt 2011 computer. Whichever one will have the latest OSX Lion on it anyway.

Which Note taking Application Should I use

With Evernote for Mac OS X you can capture your ideas and thoughts, and even inspirations, all into a single place. I have tried quite a few different note taking applications, such as the note pad that comes with OS X, Text Edit, Notational Velocity and others. Evernote keeps making steady improvements to the application, making using Evernote for Mac even better. If you don’t already have Evernote for Mac, go now to the website and download the application. Start with an Evernote download. Evernote helps to answer the question What does an iPad do?

Remember Everything | Evernote

What makes the application Evernote so handy, for all sorts of computer users, is that you are able to insert many different types of data into the note taking application. Then when you have the data within the application, it is easy to find the data again when you need to use it. The search facilities are excellent, and a nice little touch is that if you add an image to Evernote, when it is sent to the Evernote server, OCR is performed on the image, so that you can search any text that is found within the image.

Have Your Notes Available Whichever Computer You Are Using

In these days of mobile computing and in particular with smart phones, it is highly likely that you will want to access your data, your notes, on your mobile devices as well as on your desktop computers. Fortunately, it is easy to use Evernote for Mac data that you have input, perhaps on your iMac or MacBook Pro, just as easily when you’re using whichever type of smart phone you have in your pocket. So this could be an iPhone or an iPod Touch, a Windows phone 7, a BlackBerry, Android device whether it be an Android phone or an Android tablet. It is even possible to have Evernote with a Palm Web OS.

What if You Are Not in Front of Your Own Computer – What Then?

Naturally to be able to sync this data from one device to another, you’ll need to have an account with Evernote, you can create an Evernote account on their website. This also gives you another place where you can find your note taking data, so that if you’re away from your own computers and heaven forbid, you don’t even have your smart phone with you, you can still access all of your notes.

Even though using Evernote for Mac, is really easy, you can get help started using Evernote, with some simple steps shown on the website. You will learn how to install the application, create your account, create your first note, add an image, learn how data syncing works with Evernote and find out more about other things you can do with Evernote.

Other applications that work alongside Evernote for Mac

One of the best applications that works with Evernote for Mac is Skitch, in fact it is so useful combined with Evernote, that they have just bought the external application. Maybe a future version of Evernote, Skitch will be integrated more tightly with Evernote.

Skitch  Fast screen capture image editing and sharing

You can also look into the Evernote Trunk, where you can find a complete list of applications that are designed to work with Evernote. Amongst these applications you will find things such as Quick Office Pro HD, one of the best Office apps for the iPad.

It is in fact quite amazing the number of things that you can do, by connecting Evernote to other applications. It is possible to e-mail notes directly into Evernote for Mac, you can connect Twitter with Evernote and one thing that I always do with my web browsers is to install extra plug-ins which allow me to clip content from webpages to be sent directly to Evernote.

Using Evernote for Mac With Other Apps in the Trunk

  • There are also a number of get things done applications which will link with Evernote, such as Get It Done.
  • With the application Study Blue, you can take your class notes and information from Evernote to turn them into flashcards to be able to practice quizzes. Good educational iPad use.
  • The application shoebox will let you mail your business cards that you have collected and they will be scanned into Evernote.
  • Voice 2 note is an application that automatically converts all of your Evernote voice notes into searchable and text that can be tagged for easier searching.
  • Evernote also works with Instapaper which is another data grouping tool and then there is Phatpad for iPad which is a handwriting recognition tool, which does a great job of converting your illegible scrawl into editable text. Other similar iPad tools would be Speed Text HD, Touch Writer HD and Sundry Notes.

Get Stuck in With an Evernote Download

Naturally, of course in this socially networked online world Evernote would have to be able to connect to social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. So as you can see there are a large number of reasons, why you should have Evernote as one of your must have applications on all of your computing devices. Evernote is free, although there is a pro version, I do use Evernote quite a lot, but so far I have had enough space and capability within the free version, so have not needed to think about upgrading. Using Evernote for Mac, once you have it installed on your system will soon become an integral part of your workflow.
Evernote for iPad