Getting started with 2013

Seeing in the new year quietly

As usual the New Year was seen in with the family, my Spanish family. It was quite a quiet affair and there was the typical watching of the television to see when the timing of the change from one year to the next happens. The twelve grapes had to be so eaten eaten as the twelve chimes of the clock from Madrid bong. The old folks are clever because they cheat. They make sure that their grapes are skinned and the pips are removed ready to do the job quickly as the New Year occurs. The smallest of the two boys, poor little sod, got upset as he was unable to get all the grapes eaten within the time allowed.

Games and comics with the kids

The game that is popular on my iPhone and iPad at the moment is called Temple Run. Both of the two boys love to get a chance to play the game, even though the younger of the two is not very good at it. He hasn’t worked out yet that you can tip the iPhone from one side to the other using the accelerometer to make the little man go from left to right as he runs along the wall. I also used to children with taking photographs of their faces and using application to turn those pictures into caricatures. We then use the application Comic Life to show off some of the photographs that we had taken and manipulated.

About 10 minutes after theRinging in of the new year we made our excuses to leave and came home so that we could watch the music show on the TV. Jools Holland doing his usual New Year’s Eve show with the usual great music. We were amazed to see that the singer Petula Clark was on the show at the age of 80 performing and looking great. This was in contrast to Paloma Faith who is young, performing some super songs and also looking great in a very unusual dress.

Sneaky cheeky little bitch

My dog can most certainly be described as a sneaky cheeky little bitch, this is because when she escapes she does her best to avoid being caught again. Once she has the freedom to run through the woods, or to run around the road in the house with her friend, she likes to hold on to that for as long as possible. I would like to be able to take her out for a walk every day and let her have a free run, but that would be impossible due to the difficulty in being able to catch again at the end of the walk.

Day one of 2013

Making more video for YouTube

Looking forward to having a good, busy and hopefully profitable new year. It would be good if I could dive in and create as many videos as possible for YouTube. The more videos that I have on their the more views I am likely to get and the more money that I will be able to bring in. I have recently hit 800 views on one day and the average number over a 30 day period is around about 20,000 views. I’m keen to do a mix of how-to tutorial type videos and also I want to see if I can do one or two video blogging type of videos. Maybe even injecting a little bit of comedy into the video where possible.

Writing and more writing

I still have this idea for a book which at the moment is still pin bowling around inside my head rather than being turned into actual fleshed out ideas and text. The general plan is to have a book which describes how to go from being an analogue nondigital person into being somebody that has a digital life. I want to explore writing a journey for maybe three different types of people making this change to digital with specific tips to suit these different types. So the book will be partly fictional in terms of my three people but also will be full of tips on how to make the best use of computer hardware and software.


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