Good and Geeky news for October

The iPhone 6 is on its way

I’m using an application on my iPad to track the parcel which is coming from Apple. The application is called TrackChecker and it’s quite useful for seeing exactly where the parcel is in the world in the UPS system. It looks like it will give me notices when its status changes as it arrives in various places and is scanned. The first stage of the journey for my iPhone 6 is in Shanghai China. It will be boarding a plane and heading off somewhere interesting, probably in Europe somewhere. I expect to get another notification later today and at a guess I would say that it will go to either Italy or the Netherlands. I can’t wait to get my hands on this new piece of tech.

Shanghai iPhone 6 World Tour

Creating a video journal post

I went out for a walk with the dog, same as every morning. While out walking I took my video camera with me and recorded myself in various places during the walk. I showed some of the mundane things I do such as dog walking and checking the post box for any mail. I also talked about my favourite author and the latest book that I have downloaded to the Kindle app on my iPad. I have just bought a Ken Follett book of the Century Series which is called ‘Winter of the World’. It starts off being based in Germany just before the Second World War and is obviously going to follow a couple of families and the trials and tribulations of being involved in such a massive world event. What I like about Ken Follett is that he has characters in families that you get to know and want to follow through the story. It all gets quite personal and at the end of the book you feel like you have lost a friend. Even though I like things that are Good and Geeky and technical I also will read paper books. I have a book sitting on my shelf at the moment called Warlock by Wilbur Smith and that will probably be my next book to read.

Can’t wait to say goodbye to Android

Even though some of the things that are coming in the latest version of iOS are playing catch up with what Android has already offered I am really pleased to be moving to a completely Apple-based system. The iPhone is going to be my remote control for my life and I look forward to integrating as many applications as possible into what I do. I am really quite looking forward to be able to use Siri more often. I am going to be able to tell Siri to create appointments for me, to add notes to my notebook so that I can remember things and also to come back with various bits of information for me.

The Good and Geeky Writers Workflow Book

I have sent my book out to a couple of beta readers and I hope that they will come back to me in a few days with some typos within the book that I have missed, highlighted. I expect that one of my beta readers will probably give me other ideas and suggestions as I know he is interested in that type of thing. It feels quite funny to be sending out my book into the world for other people to consume, but exciting at the same time.

Writing a novel for NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month

October is the month that I have kind of put aside for using a writing method called the Snowflake Method to organise myself ready for November. When the 1st of November arrives I hope to have everything in place so that I can just write. This method of organising and outlining breaks up the process of writing a novel into small chunks that are easily dealt with. Starting off writing simple sentences to explain what the book is about, you’ll expand that into paragraphs and then moving on to the details about the characters and the story. When everything is all put together in Scrivener it will almost write itself, as I get into the creative business of writting the scenes.

My priority for writing should really be working on my Good and Geeky series of books, especially as some of them are fairly well advanced in the writing process. On the other hand, I do also want to put out some novels for sale and so using NaNoWriMo to get things moving is a good idea. November is the month for doing this novel writing and it feels good that I am writing thousands of words at the same time as other people are doing the same thing. Writing, to a certain extent is a lonely process and with NaNoWriMo at least it makes you feel like you are part of a writers group which is a huge phenomenon in itself.


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