Grumbling about stuff

There is nothing quite like a good grumble and moan when you really need one! Even when you are normally very positive person and just get on with life that comes times when you just want to have a moan about things going on around you. There are always things being sent to test us and in this Audioboo I am complaining about having to wait for a battery which I ordered some time ago, to arrive at my house. Today I had to use the jump leads on my car to get it started so that I could get to work, so I do have a legitimate reason for having a bit of a grumble. I do find that generally the Spanish websites are not very good for selling whatever to their customers. They tend to be quite slow and painful in the way that they operate. In England I would have expected to get the battery that I ordered within two days and with this battery selling website here in Spain it has taken more than a week. It actually gets worse than that, because I found the tracking order for the battery and was able to contact them to find out when the battery would arrive, only for the transport service to let me down by not waiting just a couple of minutes for my wife to arrive at the house to accept the parcel. So I’m writing this the day after the original Audioboo, it is Saturday and I’m waiting at home and hoping to be lucky with a delivery today.


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