How to screen capture successfully using ScreenFlow

How to screen capture with ScreenFlow for Mac

How to screen capture If you want to show somebody how to do something on a computer, then I would say there is no better way than to learn how to screen capture and use the best Mac screen capture tool, ScreenFlow. The reason that creating tutorials using video is so successful, is that the user can pause the video at any time. Not only can the video be paused, but can also be repeatedly viewed until the task or procedure is properly learned. You do have a few possibilities for screen capture for Mac and I have tried a few of them. I have been using ScreenFlow for about three years now and I’m still impressed with the ScreenFlow screen capture program.

ScreenFlow for Mac video screen capture

On account of the fact that I use ScreenFlow, the Mac OS X screen capture application 2 or 3 times a week, I thought I knew the application inside out. I was very pleased today to find a functionality that I had not tried or used before. I was able to get the Mac OS X voice of Emily, to read the text for me. I didn’t have to get the text playing in another application and then record it using ScreenFlow 3. All I had to do was to insert the text into a dialogue box in ScreenFlow and it was immediately converted into a sound file and put into the timeline. It was really quick to do this and I was delighted to find this extra tool to use with Mac OS X screen capture.

How to screen capture on your Mac

Once I have set up the configuration of the screen recording within ScreenFlow, all I have to do is to press my keyboard shortcut to start the recording process. I have it set so that the recording starts when I press command shift 2. I use the same keystroke shortcut to stop the recording when I have finished and the resulting captured video is placed into the timeline in ScreenFlow. From that point I can do some incredibly easy editing on the timeline. To create a transition I only have to drag the end of one video clip over the top of the one next to it. Once I’ve done that I can choose from a number of transitions. I usually tend to use the cross fade, although sometimes I use the dip to colour.

Start to finish – Recording to uploading of video to YouTube

It makes it easy to learn how to screen capture when you can do all of the job within the one application. While it is true that I could also do the basic editing within Final Cut Pro X, I prefer to do that within ScreenFlow. That only leaves me to do the titles, to top and tail the video, but even that could be done in ScreenFlow if I wanted to.

Just one thing that I don’t like in ScreenFlow

When you have your video clips in the timeline, ScreenFlow always puts a large icon at the left side of the clip. This icon is far larger than it needs to be. It is there to let you know whether you are working with a video clip or a sound clip. All it does for me on the sound clip or the video clip that has sound within it, is to hide the image of the waveform underneath. That icon does disappear when you put your playhead over the top of it, but very often I would like to be able to see the waveform without having to move the playhead. I think I will have to send an e-mail to the people at Telestream and ask them to rectify this matter.

Using the best Mac video screen capture software

Once you get started with this screen capture software for Mac, you will be surprised how easy it is to make a screen capture movie. I like to make full use of the callout tool, to highlight to the viewer, certain areas of the screen that I want them to pay attention to. I most often use that when I am showing where to click on a menu item in an application. I do have one standard callout that I use, but I also like to use the freehand callout. With the freehand callouts I use the rectangle to highlight a section of the screen. I will use this one, when the area I want to show off is not underneath the mouse cursor.

Mac video screen capture

Easy to learn how to screen capture on the Mac

When you are learning how to screen capture with ScreenFlow you don’t have to worry too much about the final size of the file in megabytes. After making many OS X screen capture videos, I am confident that the balance between video quality and file size is just right. I always gets a top-quality video when using ScreenFlow for video screen capture on my Mac. I only wish that there was something similar to capture video on my Amazing iPad.

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