iBooks author tutorial for jazzing up your iBooks textbooks

There is a certain amount of truth in the statement that all of the iBooks textbooks look pretty much the same in terms of iBooks format. This is due to the way that Apple has determined that the iBooks format should be with chapters and sections. In this iBooks author tutorial I show you how to jazz up your iBooks textbooks using iBooks author templates that you can get from the Mac App Store. It is also possible for you to take these templates and customise them to your hearts content. That way you will have even more personalised iBook store titles to offer.

Ibooks author tutorial

Getting the iBooks Author templates from the Mac App Store

In the video I show you a couple of options for getting some iBooks author templates to add to the six that you get our standard. There is one called the Writers Kit which is free and has two iBooks author templates contained within it. The main purpose of this application is for you to see that there are paid for templates that you can also purchase from the same vendor. Within the application you will see a button to click which will take you back to the App Store to their paid for product. The two templates that you get that you can use to jazz up your iPad iBooks to make them more appealing to your readers are good enough to use and abuse. You can easily take the templates and change the settings for the various styles available for your iBooks textbooks.

Getting some iBooks help from the Mac20Q iBooks Author tutorial videos

Here are Mac 20 Questions we have created a number of iBooks Author tutorial videos. So that your iPad iBooks look the best using this iBook textbooks creation tool, I show you how to add images and text. The videos also show you how to create iBooks epub format with all of the fancy extras, including three-dimensional graphic objects that can be freely moved by the reader of the iBook textbooks. It is actually quite easy to grab the specialised 3-D type files, or even make your own using the Google Sketch Up application.

Creating your own iBooks Author templates for your iBookstore titles

While it is a simple task to take one of the standard templates for Apple iBooks Author and change the formatting of the styles that you’re planning to use, you do need to know a little about typography and graphic design. You don’t really want to throw the kitchen sink at your iBooks for iPad textbooks with regards the number of typefaces that you use. Beginners and novices at desktop publishing will often make simple mistakes such as using a typeface that should not be used with all capital letters like Zapf Chancery for a headline text that has all upper case letters.

There is a little bit of a problem with the layout of in many of the iBooks Author templates that you find, in that there is a two-page spread at start of every chapter. And it seems that you are required to put in iPhoto or other image into that two-page spread. It is probably the vast majority of books that don’t work in this way. I’ll have to have a look at this in detail and find out if there is a way around this little difficulty.

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