iMac on the way – Finally! – SSD for iMac 27 inch

I got home yesterday from work and checked the order on the Apple web site and finally the iMac is reported to be on the way. It shows a pick up date of 17th of August with TNT in Milan, Italy. I have looked again this morning to see if there has been more progress and so far today – no change. I am sure that I will be looking again when I get home from work at midnight this evening to see when it has moved to.

When I was tracking the iPad on the way here I saw it go from Milan to Rotterdam then to Barcelona and then out for delivery. I wonder if that will be the same for this iMac 27in with Thunderbolt.

SSD For iMac 27 inch

I am looking forward to getting the dinky wireless keyboard and also to be able to use the Magic TrackPad with OSX Lion. I am expecting to work a whole lot faster than the Macbook I am using now that only has a dual core processor in it. I expect to get the extra memory in the post in a day to two and that will make a big difference also. I would have liked to get the SSD drive in the machine but couldn’t afford that option. With OWC (Other World Computing) they have SSD drives that are a bit more affordable and I would like to think that in about a years time I will be able to further enhance the iMac with more memory again – take it up to 16GB and also put in the SSD For iMac 27 inch. It might even be in two years time and it would be still be like having a new computer.