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With the fact that it is built-in for us by Apple, the ability to backup the iPad without any backup tools, other than using iTunes, why would we need to go looking for iPad backup software? There are one or two backup tools for the iPad available in the Internet’s, but after looking at the webpages for the software, I wouldn’t put much faith in them.

Whilst doing a search for backup iPad apps and iPad backup software, most of the links lead to software for copying files to iPad, all from the iPad to the computer. I suppose if you feel the need to have a backup, of some of the individual files, rather than a backup of the whole iPad, then one of these applications might suit you.
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Copy files to iPad or iPad Backup Software

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I found one app called Emicsoft iPad to Computer Transfer, and after looking at the webpage, was not terribly impressed. They did have iPad backup software for using both with Windows and also with Macs. It didn’t look like software, that I would like to install on my computer. I found another one called iPad to Mac Transfer and again this was more concerned with how to copy files to iPad, or moving your files to and from the iPad.

iPad Backup Location

One piece of information that I did find that could be useful, is the iPad backup location, for Mac and also for Windows. On the Mac the iPad backup location is in/library/application support/mobilesync/backup/. On Windows there are different places to look depending on which version you are running. For Windows XP users you would look in documents and settings(your username)application dataApple ComputerMobilesyncbackup. Then if you are using Windows Vista you would look inusers(your username)app dataroamingApple ComputerMobilesyncbackup.

IPad backip softwareI did see another iPad Backup software and again I was not reassured by the web page and didn’t fancy giving it a try when I have iTunes doing the business for me anyway. iPad Backup & Converter Suite for Windows and iPad Backup & Converter Suite for Mac.

Phone view for full iPhone and iPod access, by Ecamm

The software by Ecamm network called phone view, on the other hand, I have seen in operation, does actually work well on the Mac. With this iPhone and iPad software, you can connect via a USB cable to see your file storage, voicemail, text messages, app data, basically whatever you have on your iPad. This software could be one of your backup tools for your iPad, allowing you to backup data on a per file basis. I would not recommend though to use this instead of the full backups that you would create by using iTunes while synchronising your iPad. This software is not free it costs $19.95 and certainly could be useful for connecting to your iPad from your Mac.

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Best iPad Backup Software

It is fairly safe to say, that the best of the backup tools, backup iPad apps or iPad backup software, is the backup that we get through using iTunes. You can move or copy files to and from the iPad through applications such as Good Reader or Dropbox and of course through iTunes itself. Best to keep it simple and use iTunes to do your iPad backup.

Backup Tools To Keep it Simple

Even with the best technology, sometimes things don’t go quite right, but if you keep it simple and use the iPad backup strategy there and you are less likely to see that message – iPad backup session failed. Use the 3-2-1 iPad backup strategy, using iTunes, Time Machine, SuperDuper and an off-site cloud backup service and if things do not go quite right, you will be able to do an iPad backup restore. It is not at all difficult to restore iPad from Backup.

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